Alexey Garkusha: to the place of the governor wishing many, and I know, why

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After visit to the Nikolaev area of the deputy head of the Secretariat of the President Alexander Shlapak on one of the Nikolaev sites there was information that, say, actually if to Nikolayevshchina there arrived the President, instead of his deputy, the governor of the region Alexey Garkusha would lose the place.

And so supposedly A.Shlapak - his patron therefore the policy interfered, and A.Garkusha remained on a regional state administration post of the head. This information at the telebriefing which has taken place on October 23 was commented by the governor of the region Alexey Garkusha.

- The president of Ukraine is a President of Ukraine, and all in the Secretariat are subordinated to the President of Ukraine and carry out his instructions. Therefore the assumption absurdly looks that the President would make one decision, and A.Shlapak would make other decision. I for the first time hear about its protection. But change of the governor is a business of the President, it will understand, - A.Garkusha told.

Though the opinion on that, hearings about its dismissal from where undertake, the governor stated:

- Wishing to a position of the governor - is, and they warm up a situation through various officials in various offices. But it is necessary to ask a question: and to whom it is necessary - in three months prior to elections to change the governor? I see, maybe, a political component - I am not party member "our Ukraine". But there is other interesting moment is the airport. And those people who planned it earlier, even before my arrival, and what don't allow to carry out today process of corporatisation of the airport under the guise of an illness of certain heads, - they try "to take" today for this short period this enterprise.

According to A.Garkusha, the airport - is enough tidbit. By an assessment airport cost - 55 million UAH (or approximately 49 million UAH if to subtract the cost of subsidiary farms from this sum).

- That is $6 million. And the commercial assessment will be 5-6 times higher. And in this situation all interest as I understand, and all "runnings" just concern it. But it isn't a position of the President, - the governor told.

As for its resignation, reasons for it And.Garkusha doesn't see. It follows from the answer to a question that considerable it made on a regional state administration post of the head.

- I tried to provide stability in these crisis conditions. A lot of things are made: budget overfulfillment on 12 million UAH following the results of 9 months (our area - the only area in Ukraine which exceeded and redistributed funds for social and medical needs), work of the enterprises, other indicators, an order and discipline in calculations for gas (the area is on the first place that is important in anticipation of a heating season). Today work of authorities consists in providing stability, not to allow a failure in this crisis time. And we bend efforts on it. And thus we work for prospect, - the governor told.


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