Horrors of the Nikolaev funeral services: "hunters behind corpses", phony certificates of death, secret burials

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On October 23 the next meeting of city branch council of the businessmen providing funeral services at which the question of regulation of this market in Nikolaev was discussed took place.

Subjects of business activity discussed the existing scheme of granting funeral services in the city, and also offered the regulation scheme which can satisfy the consumers, managing subjects and the city power

Members city branch council of businessmen concerning granting funeral services prepared the draft decision of executive committee of the Nikolaev city council "About the adoption of Provision on an order of burial and funeral business of Nikolaev".

By results of discussion the decision on providing the specified project to all to the interested bodies of local government and other subjects of business activity for acquaintance and introduction of the relevant proposals is made.

Considering that settlement of ritual business is actual and for other cities of Ukraine, representation of the State committee of Ukraine concerning regulatory policy and business in the Nikolaev area considers ся a question of preparation of the draft of the resolution of the Cabinet of Ukraine on this matter. Goskompredprinimatelstva reports Nikolaev regional representations.

Also at meeting the subject of strengthening of criminalization of ritual business was discussed. Members of oraslevy council claim that in the market of these "eternal" services illegal activity of the "underground" enterprises offering places of burial on closed cemeteries prospers. As examples mass cases з on the Meshkovsky necropolis were given in sector No. 17 where "graves on the passable road along a forest belt are offered. And sector No. 13 where are buried of humble origin, unknown and bums, break off graves, throw out remains and bury quite respectable "new presented" citizens.

According to legal ritualshchik, such "service" costs from 4 thousand UAH.Due to the high competition and profitability of ritual business, "hunting" behind bodies of the dead when secured from relatives of the dead "the sad order" the enterprise, can't find a body which "someone" already took away in the specified mortuary prospers, and to have to redeem it from thieves. (Today 12-14 enterprises legally work at the market of "funeral" services in the regional semi-million center. On the last statistics, daily in Nikolaev 20 people) die on the average.

In conversation with journalists after meeting cases of use of shadow ritualshchik, when relatives of the dead заннтересованы were given in his "nonpublic" burial for what use phony certificates of the natural death, received from militiamen in the beat or district doctors also.

One of members of branch council told about a case when arrived on a call on the house to crew showed the certificate of death of the elderly citizen, and in attempt to transport her body, it appeared that it is still live. Ritualshchiki left, but in some hours they were called again by the relatives who have told that "already everything is all right".

On the basis of doubtful references attempts of burial of bodies with obvious signs of violent death were mentioned.

Businessmen in the sphere of funeral services also noted violations the konkurentykh of conditions from city KP of funeral services which receives subsidies from the city budget, however leased to private enterprises the floor spaces and the equipment.

We will remind that two years ago already возиникал scandal over attempts to monopolize the market of funeral services from the director of this KP. Then - well the Situation regulating equal opportunities for all legitimate participants of funeral бизнесаю However still this order of the city authorities почеиу was entrusted to prepare Breka - that isn't executed.

By the way, then, as an example of chaos which exists for decades in this delicate services sector of business activity, the case which became property of the public when relatives of the dead found out was given that in a coffin there is a body of other died. Then the affected party filed a lawsuit against compensation of moral damage.


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