Tymoshenko went in Presidents from the Maidan, because the main thing – not bench hammers

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Yulia Timoshenko - only of candidates for president - decided to move forward "from the people". For the sake of congress of "Batkivshchyna" on the Maidan constructed such grandiose scene which, according to one of press photographers of the UNIAN, even Elton John didn't receive.

Organizers of an action in every possible way imposed idea about "national promotion" to Tymoshenko the candidate for president.

The first vice-Oleksandr Turchynov declared that in view of that on the Maidan could gather "and one million citizens, but the Maidan can't contain so much. Therefore we wait where - that for over hundred thousand".

However the planned unification with the people didn't leave... Can the matter is that the mass action in the center of Kiev was protected by at least some honeycombs of militiamen, fighters of internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and special forces "Golden eagle"? Or perhaps what near Mikhaylovskaya Street there were some "paddywagons"? Certainly, of Lutsenko's department assured that as will diligent protect an order during mass actions of all other politicians... But whether really for the sake of, say, Yanukovych Lutsenko's people in the center of Kiev will park a chain of paddywagons? Unless in order that them it was well visible from a tribune...

In congress, Tymoshenko's promotion was the only which question of the agenda, took part нардепы the WELL parliamentary fractions - NANOSECOND, in particular, the "semi-overthrown" present leader of fraction who Bank suspects of plot with Tymoshenko.

In the performance on the Maidan the national actor of Ukraine Alexander Ponomarev declared that Ukraine ripened before that the woman became her President. "What has to be our President? The president has to be the strong personality. The president has to have team with which he will work. The team can be mistaken and draw conclusions because the one who does nothing isn't mistaken only. The president has to have charisma..."

And Yulia Timoshenko after the promotion declared that "that conductor of which we chose" became "one of objects in house collections of our local Ukrainian oligarchs among "starozhitnost" and ceramic slonik... "

People who came to the Maidan in 2004, "thought that, nominating the leader, supporting him all country, all people, we will receive the most important is morals, and we absolutely received another - probably, these are bright campaigns to Goverla, probably, it even reorganization of museum memorials, possibly it is the embroidered bench hammers, and all another that is expensive to our heart. But at the same time, if heart without morals is not true patriotism, - the newly made candidate in Presidents concluded. - There where there are no morals, there is no patriotism". In her opinion, it - "not our fault the general, and not wine of the country... "

The leader of BYuT reminded of "dishonest transactions", corruption scandals, remembered privatization during which plants and gas shelves were plundered, and also didn't forget about return of the lost savings of citizens....

According to Tymoshenko, for her "ratings don't matter, honest and professional work which gives to Ukraine one answer, namely - stability matters during crisis... I am sure that after political destruction and chaos we will put the country on feet, we will return it stability and force... " The acting prime minister,as well as Yanukovych,I promised to return "stability to our hryvnia".

It won't bring Ukraine, the prime minister, "… declared and I won't allow to break her financial system. I won't allow to humiliate people with nonpayments of pensions or salaries, I won't allow to destroy our country and our strategic program of preparation for Euro-2012... discoveries of objects which will give power independence of our country", - the head of the government from a scene on the Maidan declared.

The crowd met the decision on Tymoshenko's promotion by the candidate for president an applause and whistle.

Anna Tkachenko

Alexander Sinitsa's photo /UNIAN


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