Tymoshenko wrote to Yushchenko the letter on populism

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The prime minister Yulia Timoshenko asks the president Victor Yushchenko to veto the law on increase соцстандартов.

"It is known that the basic principle of creation of the budgetary system of any state is the impartial, financially weighed distribution of a national product", - is spoken in her letter to the head of state, reports a press - government service.

"Unfortunately, ignoring economic axioms, being guided by exclusively pre-election populism, neglecting the common sense, separate political forces try to involve Ukraine in economic chaos", - the prime minister noted.

"Confirming the aspiration to continuation of carrying out economic reforms even in the conditions of world financial crisis, I ask you to apply the veto of the president to the specified law", - I declared to Tymoshenko.

The letter was sent to the president on October 22.

Besides, in justification of need of application of the veto it is specified that total amount of additional expenses for realization of provisions of the law will make 8,1 billion hryvnias in November - December 2009 in comparison with the volume of the expenses defined in the state budget-2009.

According to the document, in 2010 additional expenses will make 71,3 billion hryvnias in comparison with the volume of expenses which are provided in the draft of the state budget for 2010 which is under consideration in the Verkhovna Rada.

"Financing of additional expenses will lead to disbalance of the state budget in 2009 - 2010 and to increase in a budget deficit that will entail unpredictable rates of inflation and an impoverishment of citizens of Ukraine", - is spoken in the document.

"For implementation of the law it will be necessary or to carry out loans (which in specified sizes can't be attracted), or to reduce about 1,6 million positions of workers of the budgetary sphere that makes 45 percent of their total", - emphasized in the government.

"Besides, sharp increase of the size of a minimum wage will in addition demand research by subjects of economic activity more than 87 billion hryvnias on compensation of hired workers or will lead to cardinal reduction of their number and growth of debt on salary payment", - consider in Cabinet of Ministers.

Also in the government noted that this document doesn't correspond to a number of laws and the Constitution.


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