"Gazprom" achieved a half of actions of the gas pipeline in Poland

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Yesterday the Minister of Energy Sergey Shmatko held negotiations with vice-the prime minister of Poland Valdemar Pavljak. Agreed upon three points, the minister declared. In - the first, "Gazprom" and the Polish PGNiG have to receive on 50% of the Europol Gaz company (the operator of the Polish site of the gas pipeline Yamal - Europe). Besides, the operator will work on a tariff which will provide "the small guaranteed profit". Poland has to define a rate till Wednesday, Shmatko noted. And then Russia will be ready "to begin preparation" the new intergovernmental agreement on supply of gas to Poland with new terms and volumes.

"Gazprom" and PGNiG argue on Europol Gaz tariffs many years, about additional supply of gas negotiations began at the beginning of a year after PGNiG still had one supplier - "Gazprom" (there was still Swiss Rosukrenergo earlier).

Third wheel

And here the question of founders of Europol Gaz rose only in September. The operator is created in 1993, under the intergovernmental agreement Russia and Poland had to receive on 50% of the joint venture. But it has three owners: on 48% - at "Gazprom" and PGNiG, another 4% - at the Polish Gaz Trading. The main shareholders of the last - the same PGNiG (about 43%), the Polish businessman Alexander Gudzovaty (36% through the Bartimpex company) and "Gazprom" (16%), speaks vice-the president of Bartimpex Jan Antosik.

"I don't want anybody to accuse, but I think that it is necessary to look at corruptibility of this decision (on the third participant of the joint venture)", - the prime minister of Russia Vladimir Putin declared in September. Officials understood at once: this instruction to action, was told then by the employee of the Ministry of Energy.

While anybody didn't suggest to redeem a share of Gaz Trading in the joint venture, Antosik notes. He is surprised why in general there was such question: this shareholder has no casting vote, under the charter all strategic questions in the joint venture are accepted, only if "Gazprom" and PGNiG pro vote.

"Gazprom" breaks the Polish legislation

Besides, Gaz Trading was in the joint venture from the moment of establishment, Antosik tells: by the Polish legislation the joint-stock company has to have at least three participants. Gaz Trading offered "Gazprom", he adds; at first the concern received 35% of this participant, PGNiG had 30%, at Bartimpex Gudzovaty - 25%.Then Gaz Trading carried out additional issues, "Gazprom" didn't participate in them therefore its share and was washed away, Antosik adds.

For March 31 "Gazprom" estimated the investments into Europol Gaz approximately at $550 million: assets of the joint venture made $1,9 billion, a debt - about $740 million. If to take these estimates, additional 2% of the joint venture can cost about $23 million

How and when "Gazprom" and PGNiG will bring a share in Europol Gaz to 50%, not clearly. Representatives of PGNiG and "Gazprom" refused to make comments on negotiations. And the vice-president of board of concern Alexander Medvedev declared only that in 2010 Poland wants to buy 11 billion cubic meters of the Russian gas (in 2008 of delivery there were 7,9 billion, from Rosukrenergo - 2,3 billion).


Europol Gaz - the pipeline company. The owner of the Polish site Yamal - Europe (684 km); gas pumping - about 22 billion cubic meters a year. Revenue (2008, "Gazprom" data) - $500 million, a loss - $47 million

Polskie Gornictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo (PGNiG) - oil and gas holding. The main owner - the government of Poland (81,1% of voices for May, 2009). Revenue (the I quarter 2009) - 6,38 billion zloties (about $1,8 billion), a loss - 398,8 million zloties (about $113 million).


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