The conflict between NMTP and "Nibulon" is small dirty tricks as in the animated film about a cat to Leopolda, - the governor of the Nikolaev area

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"The Nikolaev regional administration can't stand aside from that occurs today between the agricultural enterprise "Nibulon" and "The Nikolaev sea trade port". We didn't want to take any part, but this conflict needs to be solved", - quite so began the answer to a question concerning a situation round the vessel "PREVENTER" which can't moor to the mooring "NIBULONA", the governor of the Nikolaev area Alexey Garkusha.

In his opinion, this conflict distracts the management of each of the enterprises from occupation by the direct activity.

"Eventually, interests and image of the state suffer, after all and this and the following ships are involved in a world transport complex. Messages that today it is impossible to approach to the mooring - are absurd. Especially as tens similar vessels last year were moored both at "Nibulon's" moorings and in NMTP. Today, simply, the braid went to a stone. Mature heads don't go on it. These are small dirty tricks as in the animated film about a cat to Leopolda", - Alexey Garkusha considers.

According to him, this dispute is a dispute of managing subjects and it has to be considered in court. But, as, the ship already is today here, and it approaches to the mooring where built the ships of the much bigger sizes, not to give the chance to it to moor the bases isn't present.

"We addressed both in prosecutor's office, and in the Ministry of transport and communication of Ukraine, and to the Prime minister - to the minister, after all it is necessary to solve a problem. For our region all is equal from whom money will be transferred into the budget - from NMTP or from "Nibulon", - the governor of the Nikolaev area summed up.


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