The People's Deputy of Ukraine G. Zadyrko accused vice-the mayor who supervises transport, that it in this sphere has a personal business - interest

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People's Deputy of UkraineGennady Zadyrko, which declared the desire to be overcome for a post of the Nikolaev town governor, scarified the present city power that is created in the city in the sphere of passenger road haulage.

"For all that thatNikolaevseriously I promoted in the solution of city transport questions in comparison with 90 - ми for years, development of this sphere remained at the level of 1995. For example, if there is a debt on a salary in three months to workers Nikolaev tramvayno - trolleybus depot, whyheadthismanagementsstill occupies the chair? ", - the People's Deputy declared.

He considers that high-capacity buses have to transport citizens.

According toG. Zadyrko, today we observe the silly and unclear competition between business owners - carriers that creates an array of problems on roadsNikolaev.

"Won't be about in transport, yet there will be no business there - interests of the deputy of the mayor who supervises this question. And same not the secret that there is these interests", - future candidate for a post of the Nikolaev mayor declared.

The People's Deputy is sure that in this question other approaches are necessary.


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