In Kharkov sell beer to children on 3 bottles at an o'clock

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The passport don't watch. Sellers want to earn and sell hop to eighth-graders.

In Kharkov sell beer to children, O. Ermolenko's photo

The Kharkov city hall decided to struggle with beer alcoholism among teenagers. Promise to punish strictly - with businessmen who sell intoxicated drink to girls and guys till 18 years, will break off the earth lease contract. "Today" I decided to check, whether dealers of hop were afraid threats. In an hour of a round-up of Saltovke - three bottles of beer for two eighth-graders.

On searches of careless sellers we went with 13 - summer Sergey and 14 - summer Igor. Children very well are guided in booths, in which in the sweet neighbourhood, beer and a slaboalkogolka. "Naturally, we tried beer, but we don't buy. In - the first, parents will abuse, in - the second, still we will manage to try everything. We buy beer, when "старшаки" (eleventh-graders. - Editions) send us, to them laziness to go", - Sergey speaks. Along the road on Guardsmen St. Shironintsev, Traktorostroiteley Ave. in the yards of houses of booths with beer - as mushrooms.

Don't hesitate to put stalls with intoxicated drink and near schools. We chose as the first object a booth in 50 meters from school No. 139. Trade in chips, croutons, chocolate and beer goes quickly, but the shop assistant refused to children to sell a bottle. "At first she wanted to sell beer, but then attentively looked and refused supposedly are small still", - Igor speaks. Here at us the hope began to dawn, as other booths and shops to children will refuse, after all healthy children - are dearer than any profits. But near 25-й conscience schools at the seller of a booth it appeared less. I took money and I stretched in a window intoxicated drink 14 - to the summer boy.

On a question of the journalist, why sold beer to minors, the seller I cut off: I sold nothing. "Yes you never know who that speaks. These are nonsenses, beer the minor I don't sell", - I told, without having reddened, a torgovka. The shop was the following in the list, from where children left with a beer bottle in 5 minutes. "There were three sellers. One woman didn't want to sell, and two others insisted.

Then asked, how many to me years, I told lies that will be 16 soon, and beer to me sold", - Igor speaks. Young children explained such indecision of sellers. "Probably, they work from revenue, how many will gain, it is so much them and will get.Those who on a rate, probably, will be afraid to sell", - Sergey speaks. The pleasant surprise for us was in the booth next to shop. The seller categorically I declared to children: "When will be 18 then you come". She explained to us that is already simply tired to look at ranks of school students which elicit alcohol. "Go very often behind beer. I don't sell, my children. Happened also such that I watched the passport, I verified age. Strange parents meet also. Come, speak, remember, this is my son, I will send him behind beer", - Tatyana tells. Finally our raid we decided to glance in one booth. And there without excess questions sold a floor - hop liter. As a result for an hour boys managed to buy three bottles of beer in four booths and shop. "Such as we, will suffice to get drunk precisely, how many it is necessary to young children", - children summed up, having built bottles in a row on a small bench. Probably, sellers to a ban of the city hall decided to make cash desk, children's alcoholism of shop assistants doesn't excite.


The Verkhovna Rada several times tried to bring beer in the category of alcoholic beverages, then sellers at least fined. But the bill the law didn't become. And here for alcohol sale to children of sellers can fine the sum from 85 to 340 UAH, lawyers speak.


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