New соцстандарты according to PR will throw out on the street of 80 thousand people?

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In case of signing by the President of Ukraine of the law adopted by parliament about increase of social standards, the enterprises it is mountain - a metallurgical complex will be compelled to stop production, or to reduce the personnel by 20%, and these are 80 thousand people.

It was declared by the People's Deputy of Ukraine from BYuT, the member of Presidium of Joint representative body of the party of employers Oleg SHEVCHUK, reported the UNIAN in a press - Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc service.

"In case the President of Ukraine Victor YUSHCHENKO doesn't apply the veto to the Law "About Establishment of a Living Wage and Minimum Wage in 2010", the enterprises is mountain - a metallurgical complex (MMC) or completely will stop the work, or will go for mass reductions of the personnel and assignments on the social sphere", - the deputy told.

"Today there are accurate calculations of the management of all enterprises the MMC collected by Federation of metallurgists, concerning introduction consequences in action of this law. The enterprises of branch will considerably reduce specialized social programs, practice of medical care and improvement, will refuse awarding and will inevitably go for mass dismissals. Thus a minimum which is called, this reduction of 20% of the personnel", - O. Shevchuk noted.

The People's Deputy emphasized that, in particular, on "Zaporozhstal" dismissal more than 20% of workers, at the Mariupol plant of Ilyich - about 10% is predicted, the Zaporozhye steel-rolling plant will be compelled to stop completely the work and to dismiss 1147 workers.

"Really the essence of an image of social reform consists in it from opposition? ", - O. Shevchuk asked.

He noted that the government does everything possible to stimulate real sector of economy and to offer MMC a specialized complex of programs for overcoming of consequences of crisis. In this regard, O. Shevchuk emphasized, the head of state is obliged to listen to opinion of experts and employers and to veto this law.

"The president V. Yushchenko still remains the guarantor Konstitutsii. And it has the last mechanism, capable to stop a market and economy collapse as a whole.Increase соцстандартов according to opposition will throw out about 80 thousand workers on the street. And it already - the social disaster, responsibility for which will lay down on Party of Regions and the President if he doesn't use the veto", - the People's Deputy noticed.

As reported the UNIAN, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted on October 20 the law "About Establishment of a Living Wage and a Minimum Wage in 2010".

voted pro 254 of 429 People's Deputies registered in a sessional hall. BYuT fraction and partially "Our Ukraine — National Self-defense" fraction didn't vote in full strength for this bill.

The living wage on однго the person counting on a month in a size of 1 November of 2009 - 701 UAH, since January 1, 2010 - 825 UAH, since April 1 - 839 UAH, since July 1 - 843 UAH, since October 1 - 861 UAH, since December 1 - 875 UAH

is established by the law

Besides, the law established minimum wage since November 1, 2009 - 744 UAH, since January 1, 2010 - 869 UAH, since April 1 - 884 UAH, since July 1 - 888 UAH, since October 1 - 907 UAH, since December 1 - 922 UAH

In 2009 in Ukraine the Cabinet of Ukraine established a minimum level of a salary since January 1 of 605 UAH, since April 1 - 625 UAH, since July 1 - 630 UAH, since October 1 - 650 UAH, since December 1, 2009 - 669 UAH

On October 25 the statement of the International Monetary Fund in which the IMF hoped was published that this law will be ветован the President of Ukraine.

Not increase of the minimum standards, according to the Memorandum of cooperation of Ukraine with the IMF, is one of conditions of continuation of cooperation and allocation to Ukraine in the middle of November of the fourth - the last - a credit tranche стэнд - bye of 2,5 billion SDR (more than 3,7 billion dale).

The head of the Secretariat of the President Vera ULYANCHENKO declared earlier that the President and specialists of the joint venture study the law "About Establishment of a Living Wage and a Minimum Wage in 2010".

"Consultations proceed, experts over this law work, financing sources if they are are studied. The law is studied: in what kopek it will pour out to the country. It is the difficult law and the difficult decision. The president works over this law. Is still, thank God, time", - was told by V. ULYANCHENKO.


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