After 12 death freaks - druggists in Ternopolshchina inflated the prices of antiinfluenzal preparations

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The chairman of the Ternopol regional state administration Yury Chizhmar called law-enforcement and supervisory authorities to take measures for the prevention of unmotivated rise in prices for antiinfluenzal means in area drugstores.

As reported in a press - service of the Ternopol regional state administration, the governor sent the corresponding petition to regional prosecutor's office and the State inspectorate for control of the prices in the Ternopol area.

Addresses of citizens about a sudden rise in price of a number of medical preparations or their absence on sale became the basis for the petition.

In this regard to the regional it is production - it is entrusted to trade pharmaceutical association to provide in pharmaceutical warehouses and in pharmaceutical institutions of area existence of antiinfluenzal preparations, including flu vaccines.

As reported during today's meeting of board of the regional state administration the director of the Center of motherhood and the childhood at Ministry of Health of Ukraine Raisa Moyseenko, due to the centralized deliveries for area antiviral preparations and means of protection are already directed.

"They are already shipped and now on the way", - Moyseenko reported.

As it was reported, the number of patients sharply increased in the western areas of Ukraine for the last week flu and ORVI. Lethal cases from still not established viral disease are recorded.

Today the Minister of Health of Ukraine Vasily Knyazevich declared that the most difficult situation with distribution of epidemic developed in the Ternopol area where within the last week 5 thousand 796 cases (it twice more, than for the last week) are registered.

Knyazevich reported that 12 lethal cases, 17 patients - in a serious condition are recorded.


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