In Dnepropetrovsk serious corruption scandal can inflame?

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The other day the Antimafiya newspaper containing information on criminal schemes allegedly taking place in which the top officials of the city are involved was distributed in Dnepropetrovsk by huge circulation. First of all it is a question of the mayor Ivan KULICHENKO, heads of the majority of the City Council and the high-ranking city officials, reports the Dnepropetrovsk News agency "Novy Bridge".

Authors of the anonymous edition declare that representatives of the city power are direct participants of schemes on the illegal distribution of lands, being in city property. Thus it is a question about 900 hectares of illegally allocated earth in the city. In materials shadow schemes of distribution of means, communications between corrupt officials are specified. According to "Antimafiya's" authors, the part of the facts specified in the newspaper, already is under consideration in prosecutor's office.

Emergence of information on corruption schemes in Dnepropetrovsk city council became widely discussed incident. Thus the majority of city experts says that the most part of stated information is the known fact, but simply just now this information in such generalized view became property of the general public. In particular, the coordinator of the HAIL Andrey DENISENKO says that is ready to subscribe under 90% of stated information. I agree with it and the political scientist Victor PASHCHENKO. "The earth constantly leaves not through auction, and any other ways, it isn't clear as the budget is spent. About everything about it it was spoken and earlier. However, unfortunately, nobody offers an overcoming way including that power and law enforcement agencies can't do anything with it", - V. PASHCHENKO considers.

The deputy head of the budgetary commission of the Dnepropetrovsk City Council Vadim RUBLEVSKY considers that fault to everything is crossing of interests. "I didn't read the newspaper... Interests are crossed... well... I wouldn't like to make comments on it now... Interests at the mayor one, at heads of parties others that to settle them - it is necessary to clash, any things change on something, but it is usual political process. As for any corruption schemes... I about it don't know", - V. RUBLEVSKY declared.

The deputy of the Dnepropetrovsk regional council from BYuT Vadim DZHUMA also considers that the data specified in materials are a fact of common knowledge. "Anybody new didn't learn anything. In total long ago it is already known. Law enforcement agencies too know, who, how many and for what. Simply for the present there is no team "detain on bribes". And so - all is known".

Journalists of Novy Bridge news agency tried to receive official comments at persons involved in scandalous materials. In turn, while there are no official comments from a press - services of city council and the city chairman of Dnepropetrovsk.


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