"The delta - the pilot" plans to increase loading of a deep-water navigable course Danube - the Black Sea

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Restoration of the deep-water ship course (DWSC) of the Danube River - the Black Sea by option through the mouth Fast - the strategic project for Ukraine which can remove the state in leaders of regional navigation. As of the middle of October, 2009, during a little more than one calendar year, the full design length of surface part of a protecting dam of the sea approach channel - 2730 meters is constructed.

"It is possible to call a today's stage of development of the project a serious victory of the state fully. We will remember that since the beginning of works - 2004 - 2 attempts to build the channel and to restore navigation through the mouth Fast were made.

In the first case, in 2004-2005, in the absence of a protecting dam, owing to a number of wrong administrative decisions and as the result of high waters on the Danube River, the channel, in fact, stopped the existence. Being restored in 2007 and again in lack of a protecting dam, characteristics of the channel were not steady, and their maintenance demanded considerable volumes of dredging works and financial means. By the way, in 2007 at expenses more than 43% of budget cost of construction the dam was constructed only for 5% of design volumes. Conclusions of Audit Chamber of Ukraine are that.

Dam construction in 2008-2009 provided reduction of volumes of dredging works and, respectively, costs of channel maintenance, and also stabilized checkpoint size a precipitation on GSH at level 5,5M. And it is the main thing that is necessary for shipowners and charterers at a choice of an optimum route of transportation (the steady declared characteristics, the guaranteed safe navigation, competitive tariffs). And dynamics of vessel calls is bright confirmation of recognition and appeal of the Ukrainian GSH.

"It should be noted that existence of a protecting dam entailed not simply reduction of volumes of dredging works, but thereby, significantly minimized negative influence on environment.So, according to the conclusion of the Commission on request of the Convention of Espoo (July 2006), the exhaustive list of factors of possible considerable negative cross-border influence on environment is defined. Such factors it is defined only 6, and all of them concern as directly carrying out dredging works, and a dump of soil both in sea, and in ruslovy part of GSH, preparation of dumps for a soil and bank protection dump in ruslovy part. Construction of a protecting dam of the sea roundabout channel isn't referred to the specified 6 factors of possible considerable negative cross-border influence. Also it is the unconditional fact. Probably just because the dam minimizes subsidence of particles in the channel, reducing volumes of dredging and a soil dump", - the director of the state enterprise "The Delta — the Pilot" Alexander Golodnitsky declared.

He noted that according to forecasts, after a complete recovery of GSH will switch to 60% of the Danube freght traffic to the Ukrainian Danube Delta. End of the project depends on full implementation of the international ecological conventions by Ukraine.

October 7, 2009. The cabinet of Ukraine the Resolution No. 1120 specified financial performance of the investment program for restoration of the Ukrainian GSH of the Danube River - the Black Sea according to which in 2009 - 2011 236,7 million UAH will be invested in GSH

In 2009 for development of GSH it is planned инвестировать130 by one million UAH

It should be noted that the Ukrainian GSH of the Danube River - the Black Sea during operation proved the appeal. For incomplete 10 months 2009, as of October 20, 2009, the Ukrainian GSH of the Danube River - the Black Sea passed 1075 vessels. Despite the financial crisis, essential falling of freght traffics and vessel calls in January - May, 2009, the average value for 2009 tends to increase at 10-13% in comparison with 2008. In total from the moment of navigation renewal in the Ukrainian part of the Danube Delta in April, 2007 through the mouth Fast passed 3163 vessels.

The international aspect of construction of national GSH is very important. On September 15-16, 2009 in Geneva, took place 17-е meeting of implementation Committee of the Convention of Espoo at which the Ukrainian party addressed with ecological claims to Romania concerning Danube Delta pollution.

There is a problem of the bilateral relations between Ukraine and Romania.In pursuance of the Agreement between the Government of Ukraine and the Government of Romania "About cooperation in branch of a water management on border waters" both Contracts between Ukraine and Romania "About a mode Ukrainian - the Romanian frontier, cooperation and mutual aid in border questions", Ukraine has to receive from Romania an official consent to deepening of a ruslovy site of GSH of the Danube River - the Black Sea according to the project on full development (to a checkpoint a precipitation of 7,2 m). But according to available information from the State committee on a water management and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (public institutions to which the duty in the corresponding coordination is assigned), the Romanian party isn't going to coordinate performance of work on implementation of the project "Creation of a deep-water ship course of the Danube River - the Black Sea on the Ukrainian site of the delta. Full development" on border sites of the Danube River. It disturbs further implementation of the project and artificially constrains competitiveness of domestic GSH.

Today statesmen of Ukraine start understanding importance of this project for our state. Yesterday, the constructed dam was visited by the People's Deputy of Ukraine from BYuT, the deputy head of group of inter-parliamentary communications with Romania Pavel Unguryan.

That our politicians started paying attention to existing counteraction from the neighboring state should please.


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