Lawyer of the widow Gongadze: Nobody doubts "Melnichenko's films", but...

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The lawyer of the widow Gongadze Valentina Telichenko doesn't hope for acceleration of investigation of murder after examination conclusions of "Melnichenko's films".

She declared it to "The German wave".

According to her, conclusions of examination are an evidence which aren't subject to disclosure, and therefore ex-Gosokhrana's major Nikolay Melnichenko can't know anything about results of examination.

Besides it isn't known, which materials were directed on examination to Germany and what questions are raised to experts.

Telichenko is sure that whatever were results of examination, they won't affect an investigation course, - after all records can't be proofs in court as they are got by an illegal way.

"Anybody doesn't doubt today that on "Melnichenko's films" conversations in an office of the president Kuchma are recorded. But it doesn't threaten customers of murder of Gongadze", - the lawyer told.

The records which expertize was carried out, she explained, are only the help to investigators in definition of the direction of investigation.

But if the prosecutor's office didn't work in these directions earlier, "I don't see that today could change and the prosecutor's office would start investigating these records", Telichenko told.

Besides, on her belief, Melnichenko "is promoted on results of examination".

And the noise made round records, according to Telichenko, is "one of aspects of imitation of a legal investigation of customers and organizers of murder of Gongadze".

It is known that on Thursday the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Ukraine reported that received results of fonoskopichesky expertize of records ex-the officer of presidential protection Melnichenko who has been carried out in Germany. Now they are studied and translated from English.

In turn, Melnichenko already declared that "anybody has no doubts" that the German experts recognized his records authentic. And that in the analysed fragments there are signs not only preparation of murder of Gongadze, but also "the conversations exposing falsification of results of elections, in particular, in 1999".


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