Litvin: The IMF passed a side of decency

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The speaker Vladimir Litvin scarified the statement of the IMF for need of veto of the law for increase соцстандартов.

He told about it on air of TV channel Rada.

"I don't know, what memorandum was signed by the president, the prime minister, the head of National Bank and the Acting Minister of Finance. Me it doesn't interest at all", - he declared.

"There is a legislative base in Ukraine which demands to make solutions of rather living wage and a minimum wage. I don't perceive that a position that publicly the government invites the IMF to develop the state budget", - the speaker emphasized.

"Can transfer Ukraine to IMF management more simply then? ", - Litvin asked.

"I didn't perceive and I don't perceive question statement when the IMF publicly acts with caution to the president on the fact that he didn't sign the law on the state social guarantees", - he noted.

"In what country which considers itself independent, it vidano that publicly ordered how the power has to work? ", - the speaker asked.

According to Litvin, "it is a subject to which it is necessary to pay attention and to terminate, beyond decencies".

Besides, making comments on statements for impossibility of implementation of the law for increase соцстандартов, he emphasized that it "not amateur performance manifestation".

"This compulsion of certain persons to make such statement. It, at least, needs to be considered how malfeasance", - was declared by Litvin.

"The government declares that the budget is exceeded. So at the expense of an overfulfillment (it is possible to finance the law about the sotsstandartakh)", - he noted.

"On financing of preparation for Euro-2012 found 10 billions. At the same time the government declared that to them will suffice and 8 billion to finish works which are conducted this year. So there are 8 billion which can be redirected on social benefits", - Litvin emphasized.

The speaker noted that the law on increase соцстандартов has to be carried out as it is signed by the president.


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