Yushchenko in Nikolaev don't love more, than all other candidates, - the statistics

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Presidential election approaches. Despite of flu which mows Ukrainians, and a ban on carrying out mass actions, both at the prime minister, and at the president promise that elections will take place in time. On statistical data, cancellation of elections could become the only reason for which Victor Yushchenko would remain президенствовать more long than the put term, at least in Nikolaev its rating reached collapse.

In Nikolaev Centre on studying of public opinion "Nawal - the Expert" in October of this year conducted the sociological researches "Assessment Nikolayevets Socially — a Political Situation in Ukraine and Region". According to the freshest data of research as a whole negatively activity of the president is estimated by 81% of nikolayevets, 14,9% of citizens estimate activity of the head of state partially positively - partially negatively, and as a whole is positive - only 1,2% of citizens.

It should be noted that the rating of the president for the last two years only fell. So, positively activity of the head of state in 2007 11,1% of nikolayevets, in December 2008 - already estimated only 2,4%, in March 2009 of its rating in Nikolaev grew a little and made 4,3%, but in June fell to 1,7%, and now as it was reported, has the minimum indicator - 1,2%.

Moreover, from those who on last elections voted for NUNS, positively 4,3% of voters are positive to Victor Yushchenko's work only, partially - is partially negative - 52,2%, as a whole are negative - 39,1%. It isn't surprising that from those who voted for KPU activity of the president support … 0%, and from those who voted a party of Regions - 0,5%. In BYuTE this indicator makes 2,7%.

If elections took place tomorrow, 0,7% of citizens would vote for Victor Yushchenko in Nikolaev. It is the most minimum indicator from all candidates (37,8% - for Yanukovych, 12,7% - for Tymoshenko, 2,2% - for Litvin, 5,1% - Simonenko, 7,1% - Yatsenyuk, 7,3% - Tigipko, 1,2% - Gritsenko, 1% - Theological, and against all - 11%).In December, 2008 for Victor Yushchenko 2,8% of respondents, in March of 2009 - 1,9% were ready to vote, in June of 2009 - 0,9% and here the rating reached collapse - 0,7%.

We will remind that in October, in "Mignews" interview Victor Yushchenko reported that considers fulfilled sy a debt fully:

- My sort, Yushchenko's family, did everything in order that Ukraine was another. I will be proud, both my grandfathers and great-grandfathers will be proud in the next world of that I do as the President and as the Ukrainian for this nation. I am inspired by it, - the Head of state noted.

- I had 5 years chance to realize of what I am deeply convinced. Obviously, my call was that the majority of things about which I speak, are perceived by the nation is specific. But it yet doesn't say that I am not right. If me understand - well. Won't understand - I have a feeling of the debt, I made it, - he declared.

According to Victor Yushchenko, his politician "I was a sample of how to return the nation to about what it already forgot". "Lulled, sign with my presidency returned. I conduct the country home, there, where we always were, to Europe", - he declared.

"May I gain points on such selective approach? Difficult. But whether there can be I dishonest and speak now about minor things? No. Therefore I bring up questions which for very many in society are unclear or uncomfortable", - the Head of state explained. "But every day this understanding at the nation grows", - he added.


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