Druggists ask to cancel the moratorium on rise in prices on drugs

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The speech about it goes in the address of pharmaceutical workers of Ukraine to the head of state, published on Monday.

In the address it is specified that representatives of pharmaceutical branch demand from the president "to stop a lawlessness and a disorder which is created in a legislative field with adoption of this law".

The adopted law provides establishment of the moratorium on rise in prices for all types of medicines of domestic and foreign production which are used by the population of Ukraine and medical institutions, and for the period of moratorium action, medicines have to be implemented at the prices which were established as of July 1, 2008.

Prime cost of drugs is too high

"Reasonably we consider that the situation in which there can be all population of Ukraine, in a case the introduction in action of this law, is extremely menacing. Citizens of Ukraine can remain without drugs, nearly 90% of a cost component whom makes calculations in foreign currency at the interbank course established not for July 1, 2008, and on the date of calculations", - is spoken in the address.

Authors of the address specify that if the law will come into force, more than 20 thousand pharmaceutical institutions, the wholesale companies of domestic producers can stop activity, stay of import of drugs, dismissals from work about 300 thousand workers - druggists is possible.

Thus by estimation of experts, expenditure of the state will make more than 8 billion hryvnias.

"At the same time, the mechanism of the solution of problems of the high prices of medicines, exists. This introduction in Ukraine of insurance medicine and partial compensation of cost of medicines for the population. Such approach allows all civilized European countries to provide citizens with qualitative, effective drugs and at the prices adequate to solvency", - is spoken in the address.

The address the Association of pharmaceutical workers of Ukraine, Association of pharmaceutical distributors "Farmukrain" initiated, in particular, Aptechno - professional association of Ukraine, Association of workers and


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