Madam Tamiflyu arrived to Kiev and approved antiinfluenzal measures

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Ironical remark

At night the plane with the Tamiflu medicine helping with an illness with flu, arrived to Kiev. At a planeladdermadam Tamiflya metthe prime minister - the minister of Ukraine Yulia Timoshenko, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Pyotr Poroshenko, the head of the Secretariat of the President Vera Ulyanchenko and other officials.

Madam Tamiflyu was inexpressibly flattered with such reception. In the so many countries her modest person becamereason of office investigations, expediency of its application gave in to doubt in mostdecent laboratories of Europe, sometimes it seemed to it that in doubt there is a process of its survival in the market of medical preparations. But everything managed.

Oh, Ukraine, certainly not Zimbabwe, but all the same "very decent" in the pharmaceutical relation the country. More countries would enter physicians and druggists into the power, into the government, into Security council. Also there will be nations - health.

On the road madam Tamiflyu listened to messages of officials that the power approved the list of drugs which have to be in each drugstore.The message that the decisionis made "urgently to allocate necessary funds according to inquiry of Ministry of Health for purchase of medicines, the medical equipment, means of individual protection, other products of medical appointment for the population and the medical personnel of victims" sounded for it music.

Only here the main thing to achieve that bought "Tamiflu", instead of any rubbish. Andindication of Council of national safety"to develop and approve in one-day time the recommended list of medicines for prevention and treatment of pandemic flu and sharp respiratory viral diseases and to take measures for ensuring continuous availability of such medicines in state and municipal lechebno - preventive establishments and drugstores" I brought madam Tamiflya into the complete delight. It not the country, is edge untamed лекарствофилов. Now preventively nothing can be accepted, it is impossible to be vaccinated too.But if physicians from the power and the international organizations tell to be vaccinated - that forward and from songs. It anything that while nobody knows of what people die, the main thing that was than to be treated and than to be vaccinated. This main thing. In any case, for sitting in the power of physicians and druggists. Madam Tamiflyu for one minute reflected of what all - people die here … But quickly I drove away from myself these thoughts. What difference, the main thing that Tamiflu bought.


I why - that remember the movie "Dogville" from Nicole Kidman in a leading role. You remember the heroine Grace, the beautiful girl who hid from the father - the mafioso? It was enslaved literally by the village where she lived. Grace any time hopelessly worked for the village, and then voluptuously helped to shoot all her inhabitants from the gun of the father. Grace thought that the world will be better without inhabitants of this village. I am afraid that this Flu with all the "Tamiflu" if to exploit them so mercilessly, once will start shooting all, including inhabitants of heaven from an imperious Olympus. Well think if the people start dying out from vaccines and diseases who will buy then other drugs lobbied by the same physicians in the power? Misters corrupt officials and businessmen, much that will want to sell to you. Don't ruin the people. Define the diagnosis. Life after flu doesn't come to an end.

Masha Mishchenko


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