Authorities of Odessa region: days - two - and the virus will be

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The Odessa regional state administration recommends to all women to stay at home with children of preschool age for quarantine.

As the correspondent of the UNIAN reports, it declared at meeting with participation of heads of areas and sanitarno - medical institutions of area the chairman YEAH Nikolay SERDYUK.

"I support a position of the chief health officer of area Lyubov ZASYPKO, stated alarm on the fact that closing of child care facilities can compel some mothers to take children with itself for work, - N. SERDYuK declared. - I recommend to women to stay at home with children. Three weeks - not so big term: it happens nothing if they stay at home".

Thus the governor didn't specify, whether follows heads of establishments and the organizations to consider such workers staying on holiday without contents or in any other status.

The chief health officer of Odessa region of L.ZASYPKA stated: "Epidporog of incidence in the region isn't exceeded by seasonal flu yet, number of the diseased in borders of seasonal norm, the strain of flu A/H1N1 isn't sowed".

On it the chief of regional management of health care Vasily TOUCH reacted a remark: "Even days - two - and the virus will be in Odessa".

At meeting it was noted that owing to an agiotage from drugstores protective bandages and medical respirators, anti-virus and immunostimulating preparations, febrifuges and vitamins practically disappeared. According to L.ZASYPKI, it is necessary to fill up urgently drugstores with means of protection and to check price level on drugs. however the medicines promised by Cabinet of Ministers and means for fight against flu to the region don't arrive yet.

We will remind, in Odessa region 4 cases of infection are registered by flu. 2 thousand 768 cases of sharp respiratory diseases are also recorded. Among those to whom ORZ diagnosis is made, - 1 thousand 265 minors. 259 patients with the diagnosis "flu" or "ORZ" are hospitalized. Fatal cases owing to these diseases or the complications caused by them it isn't recorded.


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