At City Council session Pspushnik Nikonov received from Chaika "five" for a question of Day of October revolution

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Yesterday, on November 3, upon termination of extraordinary session of the City Council the mayor Vladimir Chaika addressed to the first deputy of the chief of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Nikolaev Alexey Miroshnichenko:

- I inform law enforcement agencies that for November 7 (Day of October revolution-) the Communist party of Ukraine and "Freedom" submitted a bus comment applications for carrying out meetings. Though there is a ban, and I personally in connection with epidemic would ask leaders of fractions will refrain with this question.

The mayor indirectly warned militia about imminent conflict of two parties and also is thin hinted that it would be advisable to strengthen extent of protection of a public order. So, just in case. But some can look decently only against obviously made a booboo. Therefore after words of the Seagull "to rattle medals" to a microphone there was Pspushnik Dmitry Nikonov who reported that personally Natalya Vitrenko the other day called and too asked to carry out nothing on November 7. Pier, in what we diligent. Seagull of diligence of Nikonov estimated:

- Thanks, personally from me too say hello to Natalya Vitrenko and gratitude.

Having received "five", with feeling of the fulfilled duty Nikonov went to a place …


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