Deputies of the City Council argued at session on epidemic in electoral ecstasy

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Yesterday at extraordinary session of the City Council the Chief of a municipal government of health care Larisa Dergunova reported that epidemic in Nikolaev still isn't present, the incidence on ORZ and ORVI even is lower, than was for this period last year - 72 300 cases (this year) and 74 580 (2008). With flu this year 1260 nikolayevets that is 15% less, than in the past ached. To an epidemiological threshold we still had 47% so to speak about epidemic early, physicians consider.

- Measures that this threshold wasn't reached are taken - quarantine is declared, - Larisa Dergunova told. - At the first symptoms address to the doctor. We in general want to enter that all antiinfluenzal means were given only according to the recipe. Why deficiency in drugstores? Because bought up all preparations - that is necessary, and that isn't necessary! And on the present to sick people doesn't suffice. If there is epidemic, we will be ready to it, the pharmacy network now renews. If you addressed to the doctor and to you wrote out the recipe, you go to a drugstore, and in a drugstore it isn't present, there is a pharmaceutical help - 8087 on which it is possible to specify where there is this preparation. If in help to you say that such preparations aren't present in general anywhere in the city, naturally, it is necessary to go to the doctor who wrote out the recipe that it modified the recommendations and wrote out other medicine, - Larisa Dergunova advised.

- How you imagine it? It the sick person has to run so much? - the deputy Igor Katvalyuk was indignant the chief горздрава.

Also Igor Katvalyuk was "hooked" by a question of the prices of medicines:

- Having merged in electoral ecstasy, all of us here frighten each other, and we can't adjust the price of medicines in private drugstores. And flu that year and that was more terrible!

And the deputy - the regional Anatoly Dyumin was zealous against preventive measures most: quarantine and masks.

- I treat those people to whom the public relations aren't necessary, but at us any public relations here turn out. We that - herd of rams, eventually? We have no epidemic, and we are wanted over all country in masks to dress! You, certainly as officials, dress them! I want to offend nobody, but same dictatorship any turns out! You look, what today suffers? Here I, for example, started suffering today. And enterprises …

Dyumin complained that children during quarantine remain without supervision of working parents and remain on the street. He offered "where - that to put then also parents". And we, by the way, still have no epidemic. We won't assume that in Dyumin the sociopath or the misanthrope started talking. Perhaps the person simply didn't understand. Larisa Dergunova explained a position of the prevention of measures:

- Therefore quarantine is declared not to allow epidemic to lower an epidemic threshold, not to allow to extend infections. After all during the educational period 120 children daily get sick!


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