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- "Nymph", there her in качель, unless gives goods? - vaguely the death master Bezenchuk said. - Unless it can satisfy the buyer? The coffin - it to one wood how many demands …

- Yes here "Nymph"!. Their three families live with one torgovlishka. Already they and have a material not that, both finishing is worse, and a brush liquid, there it in качель. And I - firm old. It is founded in 1907. I have a coffin, as a cucumber, perfect, on the fan …

Just by this time Ippolit Matveevich already solved everything.

- The hell with you! Do! Glazetovy. With brushes.

Ilf and Petrov of "12 chairs"

Usually we not to reflect on work of ritual services of the city, we don't face yet need to use their services. In principle, here no problems should be: you address in the relevant enterprise which, facilitating heavy minutes, assumes all efforts. Such enterprises in Nikolaev tens - choose...

But here it appears that the choice that and isn't present - everything is solved in favor of the municipal enterprise "Nikolaev Ritual Service" and the state of emergency "Requiem" which has located "under the wing of" this service to the same address - Stepovaya St., 35. We will try to slightly open a veil over the affairs happening in this delicate sphere.

Services with scandal

On October 7 this year the citizen At. living in the Factory area, I addressed in one of private enterprises of funeral services with a request for transportation of a body of mother. But, as the cause of death had unspecified character, in bureau of a forensic medical examination the militia to relatives, according to the law "About a Forensic Medical Examination" had to hand out the direction. However the person on duty on Factory RO NSU refused to do it, having referred, that the order of the chief of Factory regional department of militia it is told to give out permissions to transportation only to agents with Stepovaya St., 35. And only after the journalist was called, the conflict was settled.

On October 20 there was in general an egregious example. The militia gave out the direction in bureau of a forensic medical examination to the agent of KP "Nikolaev Ritual Service" who promised to relatives of the dead fast arrival of a catafalque. Two days waited, thus the militia refused to give out the repeated direction.The son of the dead revolted with behavior of representatives of a municipal service, wrote the application in prosecutor's office with the indication of details of incident.

We will add - for delivery of deceased KP "Nikolaev Ritual Service" collects from relatives from 80 to 150 UAH though, actually transportation has to be carried out free of charge as for this procedure it is allocated from the city budget of 485 hryvnias. Thus, any supporting documents of the fact of payment issue nobody. In the subsequent, on the basis of the conclusion of the contract with state of emergency all "accompanying" goods only here oblige to get "Requiem" of relatives of the dead.

Practice shows that actually it was possible and almost twice cheaper to order a coffin, and to use a new catafalque - "Mercedes", instead of old broken "Gazelle" or a tumble-down house GAS, and everything, everything, as for this delicate question, to get at the prices of other, ritual enterprises more acceptable for citizens. And at some businessmen, it is possible and to issue without money - the interest-free credit, you understand, what help, in our hard time.

In private ritual agency of clients attracts quality of service. For example: the center of funeral services on Seaworthy unlike the municipal enterprise renders services 24 hours per day. At will services of the priest, and even cremation will be provided.

So it for "Requiem" such, what it it is simple to impose to citizens and why the director of the municipal enterprise "Nikolaev Ritual Service" Vitaly Aleksandrovich Brek so about it is baked?

Cemeterial monopolist

In 2007 of KP "Nikolaev Ritual Service" transferred 556 sq.m of administration and production premises for a period of 15 years to Rekviyem private enterprise which provides similar funeral services. According to the contract the rent makes only 3,4 thousand UAH a month.

In 2007 of KP leased state of emergency "Requiem" five units of automotive equipment. The cost of one unit - GAS of 2705 - 2003 of release, is established of 15 thousand UAH, instead of expert 41тыс.835 UAH, and rent in a year is defined of 900 UAH instead of 4 thousand 183 UAH 53 kopeks put on the law

That is on favorable terms all personal and real estate belonging to a city community, is transferred to Rekviyem private enterprise in which V. Brek and is a founder.

Now, the issue concerning a tenancy in bureau is resolved is judicial - medical examinations (BSME): V. Brek from Ministry of Health of Ukraine brought the letter directed to the chief облздравотдела of Svetlana Hotina in which, to it recommended, to resolve an issue on a tenancy in (BSME) in favor of state of emergency "Requiem" though alternative demands for rent were provided also by other ritual states of emergency.

And now, as for tendering process on allocation of budgetary funds for funeral services we will notice, considerable money - total amount of the budgetary subventions for 2009 made - 1 million 724 thousand 500 UAH, and it without grants for a funeral of unknown citizens.

They are carried out without notice other representatives engaged in similar business activity that is direct violation of the antitrust law. Usually in competition participate: KP "Nikolaev Ritual Service" in the person of the director V. Brek and state of emergency "Requiem". The winner is in advance known. Having won the tender, KP "Nikolaev Ritual Service" shifts performance of tasks to state of emergency "Requiem". "Requiem" is the director of state of emergency Tatyana Vasilyevna Tyutyunikova, it holds a position of the deputy chief of KP "Nikolaev Ritual Service".

According to the held tenders, KP "Nikolaev Ritual Service" signed contracts with department zhilishchno - municipal services of executive committee of the Nikolaev city council on the maintenance of city cemeteries (a subvention - 275 thousand UAH) and cleaning of city cemeteries (702 thousand more UAH).

14 cemeteries are assigned to KP "Nikolaev Ritual Service", from which 10 - closed. But on closed the Meshkovsky cemetery of burial proceed. The former roads between sectors become the last shelter of nikolayevets. As Nadezhda Smirnova noted, the chairman of regional office of All-Ukrainian association of employees of the funeral organizations, similar burials are carried out in old sectors - 17, 23, 140,141 and 9-ohm military sector. Separate burials are thrown long ago due to various reasons. It is noticed by inspectors of a cemetery and offer places to relatives of the deceased.

The price of a new place fluctuates from 1300 to 5000 UAH. The inspector can determine by the "swept together" eye from whom the client to request what price. Certainly, relatives are ready to pay for a place, even at railroad tracks (that often and happens though this violation of a sanitary zone) than to go to bury in Balabanovka. In total anything, if not one nuance.States of emergency always issue receipts for the services rendered by them. The contract goes on a cemetery between the customer and the inspector (the worker of KP), or the agent of KP "Nikolaev Ritual Service" Andrey Aleksandrovich Brek who has "own" possession on cemeterial "open spaces". Money is accepted without any receipts and where they arrive, it isn't known …

Protection is organized only on two of fourteen cemeteries - in Meshkovo - Pogorelovo and on new in Ship р - not (Balabanovka). As a rule, rooms which are assigned to KP "Nikolaev Ritual Service" are protected only.

Now about overall performance of this KP. It is useful for citizens to remember that following the results of work for 2007 from all municipal enterprises of the city into the budget it was transferred by 302 151 UAH. We will notice - the similar municipal enterprises in Odessa in 2007 transferred into city budget 17 000 000 UAH, in 56 times more!

Two Nikolaev municipal enterprises - NTTU and BTI - in total amount transferred 231 425 UAH, twenty two KP - 70 726 UAH. And here KP "Ritual Service" for 2007 - 2008 didn't list kopeks! The loss in 2008 made 179 thousand UAH!

Ritual wars

It should be noted that "military" actions between brothers Brek and "chepeshnik" go throughout Vitaly Aleksandrovich's guide of the municipal enterprise.

In August, 2007 the conflict between KP and private ritual agencies so became aggravated that on 14-oh sessions of the Nikolaev City Council deputies were compelled to cancel the decision of executive committee of the City Council "About the adoption of Provision on an order of burial and funeral matter in Nikolaev". Then Brek refused to sign contracts with businessmen as officially they can work only on the basis of contracts with KP. Reached before that, catafalques on a cemetery didn't let …

And only thanks to an active position of the chairman of regional office of All-Ukrainian association of employees of the funeral organizations N. D. Smirnova and the deputy of the Nikolaev City Council G. N. Goncharovsky, it was succeeded to resolve this conflict. On 14-oh deputies charged to KP "Nikolaev Ritual Service" to develop and approve sessions of the Nikolaev City Council, according to the current legislation, (i.e. through public hearings) a new Order of granting funeral services and functioning of places of burial in Nikolaev.This document had to, according to deputies, provide activity of businessmen in accurate compliance with the established rules and norms, and to eliminate a monopoly position of KP.

V. Brek promised that such order will be developed until the end of 2007, the commission, in turn warned that in case its recommendations won't be implemented, deputies will raise a question of replacement of the management of KP before the mayor V.D. Chaika.

According to the chairman Goskompredprinimatelstva in Valery Vetrov's Nikolaev area, "he (document) is already ready long ago, but its granting to executive committee for the statement "is in every possible way delayed" that testifies to disinterest of the management of KP "Nikolaev ritual service" in change of the developed system in the city".

The deputy of the City Council Gennady Goncharovsky noted that else since 2007, the director who made the actions it of the profitable enterprise unprofitable can't arrange a depuy corps, squandered budgetary funds and municipal property, having leased it. Doesn't arrange deputies and constant complaints, scandals over this activity in the city.

- Soon 2010, and changed nothing - Gennady Goncharovsky emphasized.

We will add, - didn't change to the best. Unless in honor of 220 - the anniversaries of Nikolaev of Vitaly Brek awarded with the regional council diploma for a contribution to development of the municipal sphere of the city. Probably, as head of one of the most unprofitable enterprises.

And V. Brek with the team changed tactics - now he simply doesn't admit competitors to clients, using administrative resource: to chief physicians of hospitals, to ambulance stations, chiefs of regional police stations by order "suggested" to provide immediately all data on the dead on phone KP "Nikolaev Ritual Service". And from here - in state of emergency "Requiem". The circle became isolated...

P.S.As reported in representation Goskompredprinimatelstva in the Nikolaev area, on October 23 in the city hall meeting of city branch council of businessmen concerning granting funeral services on which the question of regulation of the market of funeral services in Nikolaev was discussed took place. Subjects of business activity discussed the existing scheme of granting funeral services in the city, and also offered the regulation scheme which can satisfy the consumers, managing subjects and the city power.

Members of city branch council of businessmen concerning granting funeral services prepared the draft decision of executive committee of the Nikolaev city council "About the adoption of Provision on an order of burial and funeral business of Nikolaev". The decision on providing the specified project to all to the interested bodies of local government and other subjects of business activity for acquaintance and introduction of the relevant proposals is made.

Business moved off dead center? Will show time.

Alexey Vorontsov


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