Flu medicine in the Nikolaev drugstores on - former isn't present — neither according to recipes, nor on free sale

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On shelves of the Nikolaev drugstores on - former there are no antiviral preparations. With a question give something from flu in drugstores it is possible and not to address - the answer always one: "Anything isn't present! ". Didn't help numerous raids various "punishing bodies", neither terrible "Chinese" preventions of the prime minister, nor soothing statements of our local medical officials. Our correspondents made today the next raid on city drugstores, this time in the central part of the city. Arbidol, амиксина, амизона, гропринозина, интерферонов, oksolinovy ointment and protective masks isn't present anywhere.

For the last some days it is possible to consider as the only shift unless disappearance of plates, with information like "Anything isn't present! ". Now employees of drugstores should tell people about lack of drugs samolichno.

However, in one of drugstores of the Medicine for You network reported that large delivery of antiviral medicines on Friday is expected.

- We made the order for antiviral preparations. Here we wait now, - the employee of other drugstore reported.

Meanwhile, today the vice-chairman of city branch council of businessmen concerning private medical practice Lidiya Krylenko declared that catastrophic shortage (and if is more exact - total absence) antiinfluenzal preparations in the Nikolaev drugstores is liquidated.

The chief of a municipal government of health care Larisa Dergunova declared yesterday that the incidence of residents of flu didn't exceed an epidemic threshold, moreover, remained same, as well as last year. Antiviral preparations, most likely, will be released according to recipes.

However, while desired antiviral preparations aren't present neither according to recipes, nor without those.


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