Arseniy Yatsenyuk: "The central power made nothing for the help to physicians in fight against flu"

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The leader of "the FRONT of CHANGES", the candidate for president Arseniy Yatsenyuk considers that the central power made nothing to help physicians with fight against flu. The politician declared it during opened enlarged meeting of Committee of the Verkhovna Rada concerning health care.

"The central power practically made to overcome nothing this epidemic, - Arseniy Yatsenyuk told. - Everything laid down on shoulders of medical workers who earn one thousand hryvnias a month. Low to them bow. They have neither a hysterics, nor no panic. People were mobilized and solve a key state problem".

The leader of "the FRONT of CHANGES" also told that visited some hospitals during a trip with humanitarian mission on the West Ukrainian areas. In his opinion, the main problem is shortage of medical preparations: "We need to look at this problem much more widely. Certainly, there was a panic and a hysterics. It provoked lack of preparations in drugstores and speculation, it provoked classical political hysteria and political epidemic".

"Unfortunately, the government is capable to provoke only distribution of a panic and to organize at the action PR-airport, meeting at night medicines. That on the world epidemic extends, it was known even in the spring of this year, but the government wasn't took any measures for epidemic prevention in Ukraine", - Arseniy Yatsenyuk told.

The candidate for president also told that the sphere of health care appeared in critical condition when it is already necessary to reform not simply medicine, and to carry out high-quality changes of branch.


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