Route – not only the scheme of movement of motor transport, but also goods which can be sold favourably

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Monasteries to violators

To public transport citizens always had many claims. It and an air gas contamination owing to a surplus of minibuses on city highways. This rudeness and roughness of drivers, disrespectful attitude towards exempts. This unsatisfactory condition of vehicles. This absence of the accurate schedule on routes, etc. In a word, in our city doesn't abuse transportation only lazy or…employee of department of passenger traffic of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies. Simply it isn't necessary to the last on staff.

Especially in respect of criticism of city transportations the regional state traffic inspectorate succeeded. The share taxi already managed to prove as one of the most dangerous vehicles. Reports of GAI depress. Only for a month of operation «Bus» GAI officers stopped 4 thousand violations of the rules of traffic, caught 28 drunk drivers. This year promises to be the most fruitful by number of violations of traffic regulations - for incomplete 6 months of this year marshrutchik already managed to violate 4656 times traffic regulations (for all last year it is made 8639 админпротоколов).

Then that, sitting down in a share taxi, the passenger has no guarantee that the hospital bed in BSMP won't appear the destination.

Every time following the results of any militia operation ( «Bus» or «Carrier» ) militiamen threaten that contracts for routes with carriers have to be broken off, and licenses for transportations are selected. After June check on roads the state traffic inspectorate didn't exclude probability of application of similar sanctions to 12 firms - carriers.

On the last a press - the conference which has taken place in walls облГАИ, the chief of this militia department of that time Oleg Tonkantsev expressed opinion that the situation on city roads would be other if the legislation obliged the enterprises to serve routes only own motor transport, instead of attracted, thus drivers would be officially issued for work. In that case the director would share responsibility with the driver who has made road accident.So in a present situation all hope for the customer of transport transportations in the city - the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies which can punish the violator, having deprived of it a route.
In the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies, it is necessary to recognize, actions of violators cause not less rough reaction. However, here officials refer to the powerlessness to apply any measures to carriers from - for too loyal legislation. On the straight line which has taken place in editorial office of our newspaper, the deputy mayor Alexander Zhenzherukha supervising work of passenger transport, declared that local governments are deprived of the right for checks. Almost the only lever of influence is a competitive committee where to careless carriers surely will show «кузькину mother» , and even, probably, will deprive of routes.

But, alas, as it is paradoxical, and open competitions on transportation of passengers win against the same firms though, judging by GAI messages, it is impossible to tell that they guarantee to the passenger full safety. By no means, last year in two weeks of operation «Carrier» the greatest number of violations of traffic regulations was registered for MChP «TFT» (71) JOINT STOCK COMPANY «Transcar service» (50) STATE OF EMERGENCY «PEAK» (49) STATE OF EMERGENCY «Car - Viola plus» (43). This year the apportion on traffic regulations changed a little, but in «to yellow jersey» leaders on - to former MChP «TFT» - 321 violations. Nevertheless, at competitions small private enterprise «TFT» it is not such small. In 2006 on competitive committee under the chairmanship of A.Zh. Zhenzherukhi 16 routes were transferred to this firm. A little less routes came to joint stock company «Transcar service» - 12, STATE OF EMERGENCY «Peak» - 11, STATE OF EMERGENCY «Car - Viola plus» - 10. And by the end of 2007 for «TFT» already 18 routes, «were registeredPeak» - 14, «Transcar service» - 11, «Avtoviola - plus» - 10…

Than addiction of officials to these enterprises speaks?

Appetite comes to time of a driving

Today on city routes passenger traffic carries out MChP «TFT» , JOINT STOCK COMPANY «Transcar service» , STATE OF EMERGENCY «Car - Viola plus» , OH «Mitap» , STATE OF EMERGENCY «PEAK» , STATE OF EMERGENCY «Willow» , OH «Приватавтолюкс» , STATE OF EMERGENCY «Mies» , OH «Alan - the Techno» , OH «Ukrtrans» , TD «Cargo of the Car of Ukraine» , OH «Гуриг». However variety of carriers the only visible:firms «have the general ownersAvtoviola plus» , «PEAK» , «Mitap» , 70% of stocks «Transcar service» the company «ownsПриватавтолюкс».

Without having own vehicle fleet, the majority of carriers use services of the attracted transport. For example, MChP «TFT» , serving 18 city routes, on balance has only 1 bus while, by data облГАИ, at this enterprise 561 vehicles are registered. State of emergency «Car - Viola plus» state of emergency «got 2 buses (286 it is registered),Приватавтолюкс» owns 5 buses (267). Open companies «have the greatest number of own carsAlan - the Techno» and open company «Ukrtrans» - 28 and 18 buses respectively.

Working with private traders according to lease contracts, carriers aren't able to bring an order on entrusted to them the city power routes: the schedule isn't observed, and on a route dispatchers can't call number of cars even. Drivers were given free rain: at any time it is possible to go «to order» or to go «on межгород». Cars park not in the territory of the motor transportation enterprise and where the owner of a minibus or the driver will agree. Thus, often drivers come out to the line, passing control and the physician, and the mechanic.

And, as practice, for carriers shows an order on the line a task more likely from the category of the minor. The route is more interesting as goods which can be sold favourably. Each city route has the price which is expressed in a so-called entrance fee. Its size makes a reservation in private conversation with owners of a route and depends, first of all, on, as far as «накатан» the route, what vehicle possesses the applicant, and also from appetites of the management of firm - a carrier.

Having called on one of the announcements inviting to a route, the editor-in-chief had to be presented to Tatyana Fabrikova by the beginning businessman who is interested in working conditions on a route. It appears, the most expensive route which the firm - 43-й has. The initial contribution makes 3300 dollars, however for today empty seats on this route aren't present. Therefore to us suggested to work on 15 - m a route, it is cheaper - 1500 dollars of introductory and 450 hryvnias monthly. However introductory as to owners of Mercedes Sprinter (this carriers love the car), us promised to send 500 dollars.Is, however, and absolutely cheap routes (probably, social) on 500-800 dollars…

Besides, owners of vehicles who work according to the lease contract with firm - a carrier, monthly bring a so-called payment «for a route». It varies depending on profitability of a route and spaciousness of the vehicle. It averages 500 hryvnias a month.

Tariff fever: kilometers disappear at noon

Close cooperation between carriers and the city authority during last year's increase of tariffs for journey was wholly shown. As unscheduled inspection of the Nikolaev territorial office of Antimonopoly committee showed, so-called dialogue of the power with businessmen about the size of a tariff was reduced only to one formality. Experts of AMKU established that carriers coordinated among themselves a tariff in advance, and the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies obediently approved it, even without having worked to check tariff calculations of the enterprises. To increase letters with a request the tariff carriers sent to the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies in the same day, and these addresses were absolutely identical - are written off as under a carbon paper. And calculations «economically reasonable tariff» were provided by the enterprises after making decision on change of fare in minibuses.

It is asked, in whose interests the city authority works!?

But the most curious is a history with turning of a distance in kilometers of key city routes. It appeared, established checking that fare on routes No. No. 8, 12, 19, 22, 27, 40, 55, 56, 75, 88 at the time of introduction of new tariffs was overestimated by 25 kopeks.

In our newspaper some publications were devoted to this subject (to No. 51 NB of 26.12.07, No. 4 of 23.01.08). We will remind that at the time of acceptance of new tariffs key city routes marvelously were extended on some kilometers. As a result of simple manipulations length of a route No. 8 «Nikolaev passenger - Alluvium» there were 15,1 km instead of former 12,6 km, No. 12 «Long-distance bus station - «Domain Ocean Shipyards» - 15,1 instead of 14 km, No. 27 «st. of Kirov - «Transcar service» - 15,6 instead of 12,6 km, No. 50 «the station Nikolaev - passenger - Korabelov Ave.» - 15,3 instead of 12,2 km, No. 56 «Alluvium - μR. Northern» - 15,1 instead of 11,3 km etc.And as the price policy is dictated by the size of a distance in kilometers, a fare on these routes jumped up…to 1 hryvnia 50 kopeks.
Well, probably, it is possible to form a tariff and such way.

After these facts were betrayed publicities, the order of the mayor Vladimir Chaika created the working group on check of length of routes…Having taken for a drive members of the commission around the city the routes which are very bearing a faint resemblance real officials summarized that «during control verification of remarks and applications from members of the commission on possible discrepancy of length of routes didn't arrive» , to put it briefly, the newspaper invented everything. Yes from where to them to undertake, to these «to remarks and statements» , if employees of executive committee, representatives of firms - carriers, members of the constant deputy commission of the City Council on transport yes other interested persons generally were a part of the commission?

It is possible to measure, of course, a route No. 12 through 6-ю Suburban instead of 9-й, and a route No. 50 through Balabanovka as it was made by members of the working group, and thanks to it to pull missing kilometers. But documents - witnesses stubborn.

Edition officially requested in the City Council the main document defining city routes - the solution of session of city council No. 449 of 24.02.06 «About carrying out open competition on transportation of passengers on city routes…for 2006-2009». And that appeared: the route No. 50 never passed through Balabanovka, even on paper. Along this route there are two decisions of executive committee on change of the scheme of the movement. The decision No. 2478 determined of 24.11.06 by a final stop a supermarket «Kolobok» (Korabelov Ave., 20/3), of 22.02.08 the route was truncated by the second already absolutely fresh decision No. 348 to Korabelov Ave., 18. So, the deputy chief of department of passenger traffic of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies Vyacheslav Kashchenyuk heading 2-ю group on control check of length of routes consciously inflated members of the commission, having carried them to Balabanovka instead of finishing measurements of length 50-го a route on Korabelov Ave.

And how to explain that fact that the decision of executive committee No. 2763 of 20.12.07 about change of schemes of routes No. 8, 12, 88 (that is actually they were extended to 15 km.) it was accepted a month later after on these routes the tariff in 1,5 UAH about what it was reported in an official publication of the City Council - the newspaper «was approvedEvening Nikolaev» , No. 149.According to new schemes, final a route No. 8 it was near «Amstora» , No. 12 - near plant «Plant managementOcean» , and final a route No. 88 officially I moved with Azure, 24-on Azure, 2/2. To passengers about it, certainly, forgot to report. Why metamorphoses with routes coincided with input of new tariffs, the answer, I believe, is obvious.

And if the transport department of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies eventually ordered routes No. 8, 27, 50, having reduced the price to 1,25 UAH and having displayed documentary real, instead of virtual schemes of movement, on other officials simply waved a hand.

Show the passport!

Yes, much in itself conceals riddles a network of the Nikolaev routes. Much the new will be gathered for himself by nikolayevets if isn't too lazy to rummage on the official site of the City Council of and will find there the document under the name «Scheme of the Nikolaev routes».

That in places it is far realities, inspection which edition carried out together with the deputy of regional council Andrey Kolesov, the chairman of the Nikolaev regional organization of All-Ukrainian committee of protection of human rights Svyatoslav Marchenko and the volunteer of this organization Anastasia Kovalenko showed.

So, having reached a final stop of a route No. 56 (crossing of streets of the Architect Starov and Mayakovsky) our counter showed 11,8 km while, according to executive committee, length of a route No. 56 has to equal 15,1 km. However, officially final this route it is designated very vaguely and assumes maneuvers on Mayakovsky (Ternovk) St. which lasts on some kilometers. But anyway all «56-е» park only in Northern and in Ternovka aren't going to stop by. Similar situation with a route No. 40 «μR. Northern - the Rocket natural boundary» : at official final on Mayakovsky St. length of this route on our measurements made the few more than 13 km, according to executive committee - 15,4 km. The last figure seems very improbable at least and therefore that else in 2003, when «40-е» went already to Ternovka (the movement «schemeTransammonia» - Rocket Natural boundary» ) the extent of this route made exactly 15 km.

According to our measurements, kilometers and on a route No. 22 «are tensethe station Nikolaev - passenger - Varvarovka». Here in general situation funny. This route didn't change at least since 2003, from competition before last on transportations.Then length of this route made only 12 km, now the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies gives out on - the mountain of all 16 km. Our indicators appeared in the middle - 14 km.

Kilometers and on routes No. 88 «didn't coincidesettlement of Gorky - Alluvium» (according to our data - 13,7 km, according to the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies - 15,1 km), No. 38 «Alluvium - Varvarovka» (14 and 15,1 km respectively)…

The arisen misunderstanding could clear passports of routes which, according to the legislation, have to contain «route scheme, movement schedule, fare table and so forth». According to competition conditions on passenger traffic, this document the enterprise - the carrier coordinates with GAI and claims at the customer of competition, that is in the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies. The state traffic inspectorate responded to our request that they have no such passports and where to take them, doesn't know. There are no these documents and in the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies: such answer was received by experts of AMKU. Officials at the time of check from 86 routes available had only a copy of the passport of a route No. 70. And all.

All roads conduct in…

Certainly, it isn't 25 kopeks which, as though more softly to be expressed, not absolutely ethic way remove from a purse of passengers to a pocket of carriers. That to waste time on trifles. At a constant rise in prices for fuel to nikolayevets just right to expect new tariffs for journey in transport...

Business, as always, in principle. Whose interests are protected by the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies: interests of a territorial community, that is citizens, or interests of the private companies?

Partly as the answer to this question the data obtained by edition from the unified state register of legal entities and individuals can serve. It became clear that the cofounder of one of the companies, transporting in the city, - open company «Приватавтолюкс» , - A.N. Kozubenko - the son-in-law (the truth, former or present, wasn't succeeded to find out) permanent chairman of competitive committee on passenger traffic vice-the mayor Alexander Zhenzherukhi is. In the light of these facts, it is necessary to call into question Alexander Zhorzhevich's statements that «local governments have no right to interfere with economic activity of subjects of managing» , that is as - that to influence on a carrier. Let not a legal way, let not as the representative of local government, but it was possible as - that to affect the relative - lived after all under one roof. And it concerns not only open company «Приватавтолюкс».In a similar way it was possible to bring an order and on routes of joint stock company «Transcar service» , which actually belongs «Приватавтолюкс».

Well, it is necessary to ask rhetorical questions again: whether city electrotransport will survive or it will be forced out completely by private carriers, whether the city municipal vehicle fleet or on - former all vehicles belonging to a city community will be created (as it was with buses «Ruslan» , presented by the company «SUBWAY» ) will be transferred to using to business concerns. I dare to assume that these questions are expected by the same prospect, as well as promises vice-the mayor A. Zhenzherukhi to enter the differentiated tariff for journey in share taxis depending on quantity of stops which were passed by the passenger…

Investigation is made with project «supportSpriyannya активній участі громадян at протид і ї корупц і ї in Ukra§n_ «G_dna Ukra§na».

Taxi, a taxi, carry, carry

Share taxis appeared as alternative of a taxi and to public transport. At the height of an economic crisis of the middle 90-x when the majority of the motor transportation enterprises stayed on the verge of disorder, the private carrier came to the rescue. At the end of 90-x the minibus was strongly fixed on roads of Nikolaev. According to department of transport of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies, daily to the line there are 1200 share taxis, and daily about 259 thousand residents use services of this type of transport.

You won't call bread of the minibus taxi driver a lung. It isn't surprising that one of the main problems the management of the motor transportation enterprises calls deficiency of drivers. At a marshrutchik the working day begins with the 6th morning and can come to an end either late evening, or at night, depending on that, how many it was succeeded to earn in a day. You want - you don't want, and the plan (on the average hesitates from 150 to 300 hryvnias depending on profitability of a route), established by the owner, it is necessary to fulfill, plus - fuel which too should be bought «from cash desk». Only by the evening the driver starts working for himself.

- In order that as - to earn that, it is necessary to squeeze out a maximum of the car, consciously to go on traffic violations of the rules, - the former driver of a route No. 81 Yury imparts experience. - If you doesn't drive, you will earn nothing. Usually maneuver such:at the beginning of a way you go with the lowest speed that on stops gathered to as much as possible people, and on the last piece of a route you give on gases to be entered in the established schedule.

Usually earnings of a marshrutchik make about 100 hryvnias a day. Thus the majority of drivers have only one day off in a week. Final stops aren't equipped even with elementary things - toilets, not to mention creation of any conditions for rest. Though, according to Art. 34 of the Law on the motor transport, «the automobile carrier is obliged to provide a working condition and rest of drivers according to requirements of the legislation».

It is clear that long human body isn't capable to sustain such loading, and they should look for other work.

Author: Oleg Oganov


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