Ruban: Yushchenko - only who doesn't bear threat of democracy

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The director of National institute of strategic researches, the member of political council "our Ukraine" Yury Ruban is convinced that Victor Yushchenko surely had to seek presidency reelection.

"There is no candidate who would apply for a victory in the first round. Society for itself looks for the answer to a question that for them is the main thing. The president Yushchenko says that freedom that it is necessary to learn to defend it and to live in conditions of this freedom - to build the effective power and most to bear part of responsibility is main. I wouldn't hurry to say that this "message" won't be heard", - Ruban in interview to the Vysoky Zamok newspaper told.

"If the person made himself the president in such difficult country as ours, it testifies to enormous level of its political experience. If it made it time, there is a high probability of that it can make it once again", - Ruban considers.

"I understand electoral problems which exist at the present President. But in the Central Election Commission it is necessary to bring not results of sociological researches, and vote results. These are two differences", - he noted.

The expert noted that "essential influence on an electoral landscape will have both an economic situation, and political which "shakes". Classical example - that occurs round a flu epidemic".

The expert reminded: fundamental things with which Victor Yushchenko went on elections in 2004 with which stood on the Maidan, aren't exchanged and don't change. "Certainly, someone will reproach: something was made unsuccessfully, imperfectly. But it seems to me, in the opinion of voters the only person from the list of candidates about which it is possible to tell that it doesn't bear threat of the Ukrainian democracy (and it will show any sociological poll), the incumbent president", - подитожил Ruban is.


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