Poles and Japanese will do in Nikolaev "money of air", something too will come to the city

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Problem of recultivation of the range on processing of the solid household waste (SHW), and in other words, a city dump in the Big Korenikhe, one of the most important for Nikolaev. Periodically this dump burns, and then inhabitants of Big Korenikhi can "enjoy" a suffocating smell which goes from there. But the problem consists not only in it as the garbage which has collected for much years it is necessary also where - to put that.

In recent years investors from a number of foreign countries showed fixed interest to a "garbage" problem of our city and offered the help in a type of various technologies - from garbage burning before its deep processing with the subsequent burial. Only for the last year one offer on construction in Nikolaev waste recycling and waste burning plants was considered not, but any project didn't satisfy completely Nikolaev deputies.

This summer the Japanese company "Asuka Green Investment" and the Polish company "Polska Grupa Energetychna" offered nikolayevets essentially other model of use of TBO with production and with the subsequent use of the biogas which is forming in the territory of a city dump.

On August 12, 2009 in Nikolaev the tripartite contract on partnership between city council and the Asuka Green Investment and Polska Grupa Energetychna companies was signed. This contract provided implementation of the joint project on recultivation and decontamination of the range of TBO.

Today, on November 6, the Nikolaev journalists could see personally that was made during this time on a city dump - them on this dump and brought. End of the first stage of the tripartite project became a reason for visit on the biggest city musornik.

The project manager from the Ukrainian party Igor Mechet who besides is the chairman of the board of the Nikolaev regional public organization "Center of Innovative Development of the Region", told that specialists of the Polish company "Termall" made geodetic researches of the range, defined control points of drilling and made 48-hour selection of biogas from 23 wells for the chemical analysis. Directly drilling of wells the Nikolaev company "NUMPA" was engaged.

The card of an arrangement of wells on the range on TBOprocessing

Drawing of the well

The chemical analysis showed that the content of methane in biogas makes 55-57%, the preliminary forecast of production of methane from eight to ten years.

From the city budget for realization of the first stage 12 thousand UAH were allocated, foreigners enclosed 50 thousand euros.

The first question which at once there will be at all "Why it to them it is necessary? ". And they need it here why. It is known that Ukraine and Japan are among the countries which signed and ratified Kyoto Protocol, which obliges the developed countries and the countries with a transitional economy to reduce or stabilize emissions of greenhouse gases in 2008-2012 in comparison with 1990.

According to this document Ukraine undertakes to stabilize volumes of emissions of greenhouse gases at the level of 1990, and Japan - to reduce emission of greenhouse gases by six percent.

Today's succession of events shows that Ukraine not only will keep emissions of greenhouse gases at the planned level, but also considerably will reduce them. At the same time Japan won't manage to fulfill the obligations to the world community. In this case the Kyoto Protocol provides various mechanisms of a way out, including interstate trade in quotas of emissions, and also introduction in life of the joint projects directed on decrease in emissions in those countries where the cost of compensating measures is lower.

As Igor Mechet explained, on the range is planned to construct everything 84 wells which will be a part of uniform system. Also two installations of torch burning of the gas extracted from these wells will be constructed.

"All extracted gas will be burned, and the investment Orsk companies according to the Kyoto Protocol will receive money for each ton of CO2 of an equivalent", - told I. Mechet.

What from it will receive Nikolaev? For the city is, first of all, the rekultivirovanny dump, improvement of an ecological situation (from gas burning to air will get only warmly) and, probably, the city will receive for any part of the burned biogas too money.

The mayor of Nikolaev Vladimir Chaika who too arrived on a dump, assured that the problem of constant fires on TBO range will disappear now. Besides, the mayor thinks of adjusting here and development of the electric power, which would go on needs of the city. But it for the present only in plans.

Almost ready well

Now all three parties conduct work on coordination standardly - legal base for signing of the Investment contract on implementation of this tripartite project. The preliminary sum of investments will make about 1 million 800 thousand euros.

Approximately this project will be complete to the middle of fall of 2010.

After all works will be complete, instead of a musorosvalka there will be "a green island" - all garbage will be packed, will cover with the earth and will put green plantings, and only small turrets of wells will remind that here once there was a range on TBO processing... Here such idyllic picture was depicted by the mayor.


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