In Yushchenko's Secretariat already started talking about postponement of elections for May 30

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The Deputy head of the Secretariat of President of Ukraine, the representative of the President in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Igor POPOV doesn't exclude introduction of state of emergency in the country if the government doesn't manage to take under control a situation with a flu epidemic.

He expressed such opinion in the author's article "Elections Conduct to the "Pork" Scenario" placed today on "Ukrainian truth".

According to I. Popov, the flu epidemic considerably changed a course of election campaign in Ukraine. "Priority of questions of the agenda is changed, plans of propaganda campaigns are broken, staffs urgently reconsider a set of technologies for advance of the candidates", - the author writes.

According to him, preliminary attempts to gather a rating due to scandals with "phony" diplomas", "pedophilia" and other didn't yield expected results. "There was the only instinct on which it is possible to earn electoral dividends - fear", - he noted.

In his opinion, arrival of the Californian strain of flu to Ukraine was very timely. "Without information campaign round it the order of candidates in a rating hardly would change and till February 7. Crisis, comprehensive, with involvement of each citizen, with emotions and a panic - can really affect result of elections", - the deputy head of the secretariat notes.

At the same time it rejects at once artificial character of epidemic. "Experts prove that it is, and that really the illness is serious and to fight to us against it - not one week. Unfortunately, we overslept epidemic arrival, as well as arrival of financial crisis", - the author of article notes.

"The first ten days of fight against flu - 10:0 in favor of epidemic. The system of the power reacts rather slowly and often nonprofessionally, in fight there is more than policy, instead of professionalism.

If is farther as, and the number of patients will grow, by all means there will be a question of introduction of state of emergency. In this question there has to be a subjectivity and cheap politics minimum.

If in operating legal conditions the power doesn't consult - it is necessary to enter extraordinary conditions concerning rules, procedures and management", - I. Popov considers.

According to him, state of emergency will give the chance to take under control of internal troops and divisions of the Ministry of Emergency Situations distribution of drugs, observance of obligation of prohibition of mass actions, implementation of decisions of the National Security and Defense Council without political debates and, at last, minimizes appearance of politicians with comments on medical nuances. Operation management through uniform vertical system of staffs with accurate submission will clean bureaucratic barriers and the competition of departments.

"We will hope that the government will cope with epidemic and without state of emergency but if the virus and a panic aren't extinguished - the head of the government will appear before a serious dilemma", - the deputy head of the joint venture hopes.

In his opinion to let out a situation from - under control is a direct threat of national security. "To bring idea of state of emergency is a transferring of election campaign and loss of chances of a victory", - he notes.

Also he notes that already today epidemic raises a question of equality of candidates and the rights of voters. "The mode of quarantine works in areas of one political "color" and doesn't work in others that influences access of voters to information. Prohibition of mass actions struck on oppositional candidates because candidates at the power can visit quarantine areas more, meet an asset, the press within fight against epidemic, oppositional candidates, thus, are discriminated", - he notes.

I. Popov and speaks about other risks of a course of election campaign in the conditions of quarantine, including plans of specification of electoral registers, a set of people in election commissions.

"Having more than 2 months about one voting day, it is quite possible to overcome the first wave of the Californian flu and not to allow the following waves. However in case of the announcement of state of emergency elections will need be not to stopped, and to transfer", - the deputy head of the joint venture considers.

"In case of emergency rule action for two months new date of elections can become on May 30, at the same time with local elections that, by the way, will save to the state billion hryvnias. Simultaneous elections complicate work of the commissions, however in the conditions of an economic crisis it is necessary to save", - he emphasizes.


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