The Nikolaev GAI officers explained to the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine that for it nobody cancelled the Traffic regulation

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As it became known "to Crime. Is NOT PRESENT", last Monday on the route "Nikolaev — Odessa", at departure from Nikolaev, there was a curious incident to participation of the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Victor Gorbachev's 4 convocations.

In the evening on November 2 employees of the Koblevsky company of UGAI of the Nikolaev area on departure from the city of Nikolaev for excess of speed stopped the BMW car of one of latest models which moved towards the city of Odessa.

The driver of the stopped car obviously didn't like actions of employees of the State traffic inspectorate. It left the car and started stating the indignation. According to eyewitnesses, "obscene language" sliped also.

Staff of GAI took from the violator of the right and the registration certificate on the car and began to make out the protocol. The man didn't begin to wait while the staff of GAI will issue papers, told them couple more of unpleasant words and promised that they will have problems as he is the People's Deputy. After that, without taking away documents, I got into the car and I left.

Employees of the State traffic inspectorate took measures for detention of the violator, but couldn't catch up with it.

Victor Sergeyevich Gorbachev - the personality in the city of Nikolaev quite famous appeared the quick-tempered man. Still in 90-е years the business organized by it - a number of institutions of restaurant type - made for it quite good profit. Victor Gorbachev was in time will be lit and on an All-Ukrainian political Olympus, and in the local politician.

The reference from "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT":Gorbachev Victor Sergeyevich - the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of III and IV convocations. I was born in 1961. Higher education - the engineer - the economist. In operating time in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine was the member of the committee concerning finance and bank activity.

In Nikolaev it is known as the successful businessman - the owner of a supermarket and Sotka restaurant.

Until recently - the deputy of the Nikolaev regional council, Our Ukraine fraction.

But we will return to the incident which received the continuation and next day.

In the morning on November 3 the violator welcomed in regional management of GAI in the Nikolaev area where already swinging the certificate of the People's Deputy of Ukraine, tried to explain the correctness.

But here an ill luck, he - that forgot to tell that is the People's Deputy not present convocation, and was the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of III and IV convocations. Vigilant staff of regional management of GAI pointed to it to it. The phrase was in reply thrown, approximately the following contents - "being doesn't happen" …

V. Gorbachev is right, after all the status of the People's Deputy of Ukraine remains at it forever.

Then the staff of GAI asked a logical question - and what it is authorized to People's Deputies to violate Traffic regulations?

Victor Gorbachev, probably, having realized the wrongfulness, according to a source in regional GAI, even I apologized. But there is a lot of it, and here the penalty for violation of traffic regulations should be paid all the same.

Our correspondent contacted Victor Gorbachev to receive comments concerning the incident.

Victor Sergeyevich not really willingly communicated. He confirmed that was in regional GAI in the morning on November 3, and here on a question that occurred at departure from Nikolaev, refused to answer. But I asked, from where we know of it.

After that V. Gorbachev declared that has no desire to communicate with the press and to explain something as he left policy.

Frankly speaking, Victor Gorbachev's position isn't really clear. If the former People's Deputies don't happen as the status of the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine remains forever, then the person who possesses the similar status, is public, with всемы obligations following from here …


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