On the eve of Yu. Tymoshenko's visit, or the Broken mirror

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"Look that at us becomes! Impudent the hardhead without heart and reason I seized power in the kingdom! In total - all serve its predatory purse, everywhere - his salesmen everywhere scurry about, moving from place to place bales with goods at anybody without looking... ".
Je. Schwartz, "An ordinary miracle".

Creations of classics truly worry not only their founders, but also many following generations. They remain actual in decades and even centuries.

Analogies to sad realities of this country it isn't necessary to carry out, truly?
Too, tiresome and before disgust banal for all capable to think and analyze such narration would look long.

I will note only that very much and very many Ukrainians, alas, any more something doesn't interest long ago, occurring in the territory which is loudly called by the state of Ukraine. There is a population in the poor list of social groups, and there are thirsty authorities favourites - "figures" of the second (the third, the fifth, the eighteenth, etc.) the "echelons of power", which perception as political, and especially as statesmen would look frank blasphemy.
At least in relation to memory of those who created and I built this country.

I built, probably, not in order that Ukraine in it is insignificant small term from the historical point of view I turned into that we living nowadays, have misfortune to contemplate.
Thus, naturally, "admiring and admiring for the reporting period"... However, you shouldn't think and speak about what to us in the course of regress it isn't allowed to change, alas.

There are, however, persons who "mighty of this world" can't be carried to the gray depersonalized weight in any way. First of all that their presence at the top and activity carried out thus can make serious changes to current situation.
Changes so radical what to define than that in them it is more - a positive or a negative for this unfortunate country and its population, in power to only one arbitrator - Time.

About Tymoshenko Yu.V. it is told and written much.Perhaps, even it is more, than about two other competitors of "mace". And, together taken.

In anticipation of "visit of the Lady" in provincial "the quiet southern town", planned now for July 4, and I would like to share the long-term supervision and modest thoughts.

In combination with the extremely complex task set to - not to assimilate to "analysts", in fact only placing the signs "plus" or "minus" from the point of view of impact on "electorate".
Depending on "engagement".

It is simple to mention that "Big Yulya" on the personal and psychophysical qualities - the phenomenon extraordinary, - not to tell anything.

It, undoubtedly, - the Personality.

Bright, inconsistent and in something even the demonic.

And it was initially personal core of "orange" revolution.

But unknown to the public staying "before" in apathy, and subsequently - in "revolutionary" euphoria, "cast" already happened. In full accordance with the philosophical law of unity and conflict of opposites.
And, long before the Maidan. And it is very far outside this country.
Even the strongest analysts of U.S. State Department, Management of strategic services, in narrow circles better known as foreign policy investigation, couldn't with absolute (and another in these structures don't recognize) confidence to foresee as Tymoshenko will move herself, having appeared in a presidential chair.
So to speak, to what coast will stick together with Ukraine conducted by it.
Therefore they chose whom simpler.
More precisely, poupravlyaemy.
And, as you can see, weren't mistaken...

To dismiss, however, YU.V. anybody at that moment and didn't gather. Its rating was too high. "the first coming" in a chair of the prime minister followed it.

I don't doubt, Yulia Timoshenko always realized what intellectual (not to mention financial) power resists to her on a way to a post of the President.

Therefore A.Zinchenko "поднаехать" on "dear friends" of V. Yushchenko with a view to discredit "Messiahs" tried.
In the opinion of directors - directors of "orange" show, and at the same time and "people".
Zinchenko's figure then should be offered.
Further, as you remember, resignation of lady Yu followed.
As all - Tymoshenko in opposition was brilliant!
What original sometimes there is a calling human.
As Nietzsche, "Spoke to everyone - the".

Elections 2007 and "the second coming".
And here Yulia Vladimirovna underestimated the opponent. Or I overestimated the forces. It, without exaggeration, skillfully "got on game" in which the prize of "got" is excluded completely.

The failure public relations - the stocks "compensation of deposits of the population", a galloping inflation, fiasco on the Kiev elections is, whether you know...
Began to turn away even still recent hot "electoral симпатики".
And it is already dangerous.

For this reason YU.V. changed the relation to next "snap elections" is declarative (i.e. for public). With texts about a destruktivizm, destabilization, etc.

Understanding that it isn't necessary to count on support in the West, Tymoshenko tries to receive it in the north. Having in V. Medvedchuk's allies. Both that, and another, by the way, in the, naturally, interests her opponents will start beating soon.
YU.V. high intelligence, increased it is tenfold on female intuition and experience, sooner or later, I had to prompt that to it already assigned a part of the main culprit of all events.

She plays ва - bank.
And the model of her behavior is very curious. Here some characteristic receptions which it uses in pursued it domestic and foreign policy.

- continuous psychological pressure with traps - traps; - skillfully veiled bluff. Such execution also didn't dream kings of poker;
- knocking-out of the opponent from psychological balance through use of compromising information available on it;
- starting refusal of any compromise through reduction of false arguments of refusal. At first sight - absolutely illogical;
- undoubted presence of elements of hypnosis. Well, the talented person - is talented in everything...

The model of the management by the block (and it without irony) the name isn't less interesting. Subjectively impracticable tasks are set, and they, naturally, in the set volume aren't carried out by "poruchenets". Then the charming little fragile woman personally shows to "comrades in arms", and at the same time and "to dear companion to public" that all of them - are feasible.
To work it is necessary to be able!
And, as Bulgakov Korovyev used to say: "All are fascinated, crushed, in love! "
So that's that...

Expecting bewilderment: "Where Yulya and where we? " and question: "And - that all aforesaid what is related to us? ", I will answer: "The most direct".

Business, you see that Tymoshenko Yu.V.- the acting Prime minister - the minister. While operating or "not while" is already again.

The first person in an executive branch of the power is very serious influence on events in the country as a whole and in its certain regions in particular.

The Nikolaev - not an exception.
As though certain governors from unauthorized Bank didn't try to leave, so, and contacts undesirable to them with YU.V., situation that is called obliges. Not all from them, however, are so lucky as to our dear and wise Alexey Nikolaevich, annual which lawful vacation coincided on terms with the visit planned earlier for July 24 YU.V.

Well, anything, madam Premyera here and except "owner" is to a lump to meet and "to testify respect".

Heads of such level are met "at a ladder" not only, and not so much by her members of the same party...
It to you not Karmazin any.
And, it is exact, not Tyahnybok.

I want to note that for many including for me, there are a riddle criteria, on which the leader BYUT

estimates activity of the regional managers.

The Nikolaev area if to take as a basis relative small number of Yuliny admirers in recalculation "on the heads", hardly causes in it serious interest. Another matter - interest economic.
The maintenance of "party" structure - business very expensive, even for the leaders who are in power. The legend - that should be fed up...

However in the region those who already in itself have the sufficient weight and authority are capable to have serious impact on events only.
It is an axiom.

For informed isn't a secret that the formal leader local BYUT

neither that, nor no another has. Unlike informal, i.e. real.

Let's not spray attention in time and events, we will take only one episode for consideration. And it will be quite enough.

The interested remembers, with what energy the People's Deputy R. Zabzalyuk who de jure is in combination the head of the BYuT regional organization, was stirred to action with "distressful", but, all - "the best mayor всея Ukraine" V. Chaika.
Attentive, obviously, noticed how tone of statements both Zabzalyuk changed, and certain local deputies - byutovets.

It would seem, annoying defeat on the Kiev elections had to cool inexperienced hotheads and teach to weigh the words, and furthermore, actions.

There was the return.
It is well-known that discipline in fraction BYUT

comes nearer to the iron.
I.e., without YU.V. sanction any vote by fraction in full strength can't take place in principle. From here the conclusion arises - the leader in any way convinced of need and expediency of creation of temporary commission of inquiry of BP according to Chaika.

I suspect that arguments were the following:

а). "We will be promoted as fighters with land frauds of the dishonest mayor".
б). "We will thrust a plumelet to the regionals who have come off a subject of mistrust to the mayor and we will expose them as accomplices of plundering of the remains of municipal property".
в). "We will lift it a rating BYUT

in the run-up to new parliamentary elections, lowering thus a rating of regionals in still "their" region".

Probably, there was something else, but it already so, particulars.
Well, as the refined technological idea - it is quite good.
Question only in the one whom and as it materializes.
In this regard it is necessary to establish the sad fact with a deep regret - don't impress the inhabitant the word, action of - on Zabzalyuk.
The Kiev history repeats.
One business - itself "Big Yulya", another...

It is convinced that for relative stabilization (in any case - falling braking) a rating BYUT

much more those made sensibly and soberly conceiving party members who thought in time that the positive attention is drawn by exclusively successful actions.

I will make bold to claim that, despite R. Zabzalyuk's all "heroic" efforts, the status кво the Nikolaev mayor remains firm.
And "state of affairs" in the city, unfortunately, - too.

Well, here isn't present at "people" of opportunity to withdraw the elects including the mayor.
And even if the facts (which naborchik, by the way, is very modest), "naryty" against Chaika, will be confirmed by the official conclusion of the above-mentioned commission, the real mechanism of its discharge from the power doesn't exist.
Here I completely agree with N. Kruglov - only the court can pass the similar decision. And it, as we know, at us - "the most humane court in the world".

BP across Nikolaev and his mayor of the decision similar Kiev, won't accept. Same it is obvious.

But even if to assume impossible, local BYUT

a little that would win from overthrow "the best friend of the Nikolaev football fans".
It is rather, anything wouldn't win.

Thus, g - N Zabzalyuk it is free or involuntarily (it has no crucial importance) strikes blow to YU.V. reputation at "general public" there will be a resistant stereotype - "shouted, попылили, licked lips and forgot".

To me now why - that that "postlukyanovsky" jet take-off of popularity of YU.V. when "working people" appropriated it ranks "the only man in the Ukrainian policy" and "the staunch fighter with a criminal mode L. Kuchma" was remembered.
"Suffering for the people" at Slavs bring almost to the level of Saint great martyrs.

Well, and the leaders who have lost owing to nonsenses, made by them, a "near and far" environment or "companions on places" our people don't love.

And what if in the head of "Iron Yulya", tired of abundance not calming down in the "dirty intrigues and vile attacks" enemies, the thought about "black change flashes?

Yulia Vladimirovna, as we know, lady very serious... So, I think, seagulls, kopeks, viewfinders and other никоновы can absolutely sleep peacefully. And from now on "to conduct a hidden battle pro prosperity" the cities and "welfare" of his inhabitants. Anything to them yet doesn't threaten. Except antipathy of "electorate", perhaps, already "reading off scale", to put it mildly.

And the last.
Someone considers the broken mirror as a bad sign, someone sees in its splinters collapse of hopes, someone - release from illusions...

And someone, perhaps, already saw usual garbage which should be collected in a package in these splinters and to throw out on the next garbage can.
And the it is rather, the better.


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