Today - Day of Ukrainian

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The president of Ukraine Victor YUSHCHENKO congratulated compatriots on Day of the Ukrainian writing and language.

As they say in the congratulation which text is published on the official website of the President, "our language belongs to thirty most widespread languages of the world. Our writing has thousand-year tradition - from Nestor's chronicle and "Tale of Igor's Campaign" to Grigory Skovoroda, from Ivan Kotlyarevsky, Taras Shevchenko and Iván Franco up to now.

Ukrainian - the means of communication isn't simple. It is our historical memory, an inexhaustible spiritual and cultural treasury. It is live communication between the thousand-year past, the present and the future of the great people".

"In the history of Ukrainians the native language always played a special role: it I was a major factor of creation of the nation, I connected us in one people though our lands were torn to pieces between others empires. Our national revival which crowned restoration of the Ukrainian statehood began with the word.

Imperial forces perfectly understood that Ukraine won't be subdued, Ukrainian isn't killed yet. Therefore лингвоцид it was created for eyelids - in the form of straight lines "valuyevskikh" and "emskikh" of a ban, secret resolutions of the Central Committee of CPSU, mass repressions against the intellectuals, imposing of inferiority complexes and gradual replacement of Ukrainian from public life.

We stood and won therefore rescued the language and created great European literature", - V. Yushchenko emphasized.

Today Ukrainian has the status state, but, the President, "noticed matter not only in the status. He plays a crucial role in the course of national revival and consolidation of the uniform Ukrainian political nation, in unity of all world ukrainstvo".

However, the head of state declared, "threat to him finally isn't eliminated, and everyone to whom the destiny of Ukraine isn't indifferent has to understand it. The today's language situation in the country still remains deformed.

Duty of present generation - to restore historical justice in relation to Ukrainian. It has to as the full owner naturally to fall within all public scope. For this purpose to it it is necessary both the state support, and solidarity of all Ukrainians".

On belief of Century.YUSHCHENKO, "the state Ukrainian as a factor of international communication in Ukraine has to create that atmosphere of tolerance which will give the chance adequately, without oppressions and humiliations to develop to all languages of our society, especially what also suffered from policy of language unification".

The president urged to love, protect, protect and support Ukrainian, "because in it our force, because in it - our special, not eternal Ukrainian essence similar to anybody another".


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