A. Sadykov: "After elections people will have to look each other in the face"

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Last week the present President of Ukraine who quite recently declared that doesn't doubt the victory in fight for presidential post, appointed heads of the campaign headquarters in regions.

The campaign headquarters of the candidate for president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko in the Nikolaev area headed ex-the governor of Nikolayevshchina who nowadays appears in advisers to the head of Presidential office Vera Ulyanchenko.

Interestingly, and what team together with Alexander Sadykov will work over a raising of a rating of the present President of Ukraine among inhabitants of the Nikolaev area? This and many other questions we decided to ask personally newly made head of a campaign headquarters of Victor Yushchenko in the Nikolaev area, to the head of the Nikolaev regional organization "Our Ukraine" Alexander Sadykov.

Alexander Valeryevich, at once we want to wish success to you and your team during pre-election race. And the first question - we remember that in 2007 you personally went on settlements of area and communicated with people. How you plan to construct this time election campaign in the Nikolaev area?

As who will build election campaign is a small secret! The only thing that I can tell, - election campaign on parliamentary elections and Presidential campaign is two different things. If there I represented the political force in which was, in this case on elections there is a candidate for president - Victor Andreevich Yushchenko. Especially, it goes as the independent candidate. Yes, this or that party can support him, but I emphasize that he goes as the independent candidate therefore the main activity has to be doing not wash, as chief of the campaign headquarters, and the presidential candidate.

The staff has to provide competent carrying out campaign, competent carrying out elections, preservation and control of results.

Whether you are afraid, what falsifications are possible? How you consider, whether there will be attempts to influence counting of votes? What it is necessary to do to prevent it?

I think that there will be attempts … Rates are too great therefore attempts to affect results will be made from the different parties. I think that during these elections has to work civil consciousness. At us 2004 shouldn't repeat.

The campaign headquarters have to agree among themselves about that more - less decently to conduct themselves. I always call all for one - we have to remember that after elections life won't stop, people will have to look each other in the face and remain in the normal human relations.

All remember 2004 when we very long endured that hem which was put.

You will sit down at a negotiating table with heads of campaign headquarters of rivals?

Yes, certainly!

You told that the main role during the present company will be played by the candidate. That is, we can hope, what V. Yushchenko, at last - that, will visit Nikolaev?

I to you will reveal small secret. As I now work in the Secretariat of the President, I have information on how Victor Andreevich Yushchenko's visits to this or that area prepare. And so, I can remember how three times called me officials from Nikolaev and spoke: "And to us in five days there comes Victor Yushchenko". And at this time before me the schedule of the President in which this point in general isn't present lay.

In most cases it was desire of local government, it were announcements that there will be a certain visit, but it in plans the Secretariat, the President wasn't.

The only time when visit prepared, - this several weeks ago. Here then arrival of the President to the Nikolaev area had to take place, - the meeting on the big program, connected with the Nibulon enterprise had to be held. But it didn't occur because that day Victor Yushchenko's appointment with representatives of the International Monetary Fund was made.

In my stay by the governor, V. Yushchenko was in the Nikolaev area four times and I tried that V. Yushchenko around the city to Nikolaev didn't move that there was no complexity at other citizens. You understand that movement of the president assumes a certain protocol.At us then agreements with the Secretariat of the president that the President will move by helicopter were reached.

And where the Nikolaev regional campaign headquarters of the candidate for president Victor Yushchenko will settle down?

Some options are considered, and next week the final decision will be already made. While the technical staff settles down in Ingul hotel - in the public reception deputy of regional council A. Sadykov.

Question on command with which you will work. Alexander Valeryevich with whom you will agitate for V. Yushchenko? Call at least some surnames.

Tumannik, Kornatsky is surnames of those people with which we worked and then.

And how mister Romanchuk? Whether you now maintain the relations with it?

Naturally, Nikolay Pavlovich remains the party member the National union our Ukraine and heads the Ship regional organization.

And how so can be, after all he heads the regional organization of the Front of changes?

And what such Front of changes? It is public organization. And who forbids Romanchuk to head also the regional organization of the Red cross? Nobody forbids … As soon as the Front of changes will be reorganized into political party, and it, most likely, will be soon, then Nikolay Pavlovich should make a choice where it will be.

Congress was planned for November 8 of "our Ukraine", but in connection with a situation with epidemic was postponed. When it has to will take place?

Yes, you are right, congress was postponed. Previously term is determined - on November 27.

Due to the future presidential election, flu epidemics gave today the special status. All political forces want to be advertized on it. I like statements practically all leaders who speak: "I want to talk about this problem, but without PR and policy". And after that on all TV channels show as someone transfers masks, someone delivers medical preparations … All this needs to be done, but it is necessary to do in advance and to frighten the people as it frightened today, it is one of technologies. It is attempt to distract people from those problems which exist today in society. My deep belief is a way of a manipulation consciousness of citizens.

In October "Nawal the expert" carried out opinion poll. V. Yushchenko's rating and his perception nikolayevets the catastrophically low.You can predict, how many percent of votes V. Yushchenko in area in the first round will gather?

Forecasts business not grateful therefore I won't do forecasts.

Well, then what, in your opinion, the reasons of so low support by nikolayevets of the present President?

It is some reasons. I wouldn't tell that Yushchenko had a big support in 2004 - it was at the level of 26%. Now these indicators are still significantly lower.

One of the reasons is that activity of the President, especially at local level, estimate on activity of local authorities. I very low estimate activity of the present power in Nikolayevshchina. This political exchange which was carried out with Blok of Litvin when here returned A. Garkusha … I consider that it was the mistake.

I consider, what not a small role in V. Yushchenko's low rating in the territory of the Nikolaev area plays that that head who, generally, didn't need to be returned returned.

Whether instead of you in a low rating of the President see a merit, naturally so-called, our local Ukraine?

You know, the blame needs to be taken, including, and on yourselves. Probably it is "merit" and our local Ukraine. It everything is interconnected. V. Yushchenko's ratings is a disputable thing. I consider that many things which were done by Yushchenko on a post of the president, aren't estimated by people because weren't finished. The final of projects about which the President spoke, seems in 10 years. And the result is necessary to people. I think that at people the impression remains that occurred nothing. It on the one hand.

On the other hand people not absolutely understand, and the sociology it proves that powers of the President significantly changed. After all powers of the president Yushchenko and power of the president Kuchma it is two absolutely different things.

V. Yushchenko declares that is confident in the victory on elections. You communicate with Victor Andreevich's supporters, they share this confidence?

You know, I communicate with people not only in Kiev, but also in Lviv, both in Donetsk, and in Kharkov, and in Odessa … I communicate not only with supporters... And the most surprising that when you communicate not with V. Yushchenko's supporters, and with ardent opponents, they speak about that, as though to make so that Victor Andreevich remained a President.Now it sounds from lips of many very serious people who play not the last role in state economy, policy …

That is you want to tell, what is watered forces all can agree and make so that V. Yushchenko remained a President for the second term?

The answer to this question read in the second part of interview to Alexander Sadykov. Besides the answer to this question, you will be able to learn about a position of the politician on the main problem questions which exist in the Nikolaev area.


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