In the Nikolaev area quarantine is declared!

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Yesterday, at meeting of the extraordinary anti-epidemic commission at Nikolaev YEAH, the chief health officer of area Vladimir Klochko reported that the decision of the Chief state health officer of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area declared quarantine. The reason - overcoming of an epidemic threshold on a disease of flu.

The head Nikolayevskoy YEAH Alexey Garkusha who itself is now on the sick-list, in the comment about it told the following:

- Really, because Nikolayevshchina crossed an epidemic threshold, the Chief health officer of Ukraine declared quarantine in our area, and the chief health officer of area Klochko brought this information to the attention of the anti-epidemic commission at the regional state administration. We couldn't declare quarantine as it made, for example, in the Kirovograd and Cherkassk areas because it is competence of exclusively Chief health officer of the country.

According to the chief of regional management of health care Svetlana Hotina, all medical institutions of area for a week and so work in a quarantine mode.

- All medical institutions for a week work in the increased readiness as that and was demanded by the Cabinet. In hospitals quarantine was entered in advance, we limited visits of patients that they were minimum subject to infection, - Svetlana Hotina reported.

The chief health officer of the Nikolaev area Vladimir Klochko, so commented on overcoming of an epidemic threshold:

- Anything awful didn't occur. We simply recorded: incidence of our population exceeded that average epidemic threshold which is inherent in our area, - Vladimir Klochko told, having specified that in the Nikolaev area this threshold is exceeded for 67%.

He reported that there is a plan of measures on fight against the flu, approved as the order of head YEAH No. 183-р of 2006 in which all necessary actions on epidemic case are provided.

- Here we declared that we have an epidemic threshold - a certain section of the plan joins. But it is already started before because it everything is already introduced by the Resolution of Cabinet of Ministers and the Decree of the President in the territory of Ukraine.


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