Yushchenko told how Ukraine the flu on ears put the whole world

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And three years and a year ago statistics of incidence flu and ORVI were above, however this year the agiotage and a panic are artificially created by political reasons. It was declared by Victor Yushchenko in Kherson at meeting on questions of urgent measures on ensuring regional security in the conditions of an epidemic situation, reports a press - service of the head of state.

According to the president, "our biggest enemy when we speak about a today's situation, about epidemic - political behavior which is absolutely irresponsible and directed most likely on as much as possible to use the political map in this process". Yushchenko added that it does behavior of people as a whole irrational and not adequate to a situation, complicates fight against epidemic, reduces efficiency of medical steps.

"I least of all would like that the politician explained how to struggle with pandemic flu", - the President emphasized. The head of state urged to give the most favorable opportunities for doctors, including for their public statements, to revive trust to the doctor, to give support from the state and local government.

The president expressed also dissatisfaction domestic statistics which, in his opinion, doesn't display an adequate picture of incidence, and also complicates fight against epidemic. "The statistics gives an inadequate situation in Ukraine, the incomplete or bent statistics on ears put полУкраины and the whole world", - Yushchenko noted, having added that it creates many psychological problems among the population which has to know truthful information on disease distribution.

"Consulted as consulted", - the President so critically commented on a situation with overcoming of the first wave of flu. It pointed to a number of miscalculations which exist in governmental policy concerning medicine. In particular that the epidemic outbreak of flu in the country showed almost full unavailability domestic sanitarno - epidemiological service to emergence of large-scale infectious diseases.

According to the President, as a whole 1082 laboratory inspections regarding existence of a virus of flu A/H1N1 that can't be normal in a situation when the number of patients with flu and ORVI exceeds one million were about the country made.

Besides, the President scarified governmental policy of fight against flu. First of all it is a question of absence of the official decision on carrying out vaccination against seasonal flu. The head of state reported that yesterday, during a meeting with members of the state extraordinary anti-epidemic commission at the Cabinet he charged to the government, Ministry of Health and to the Chief state health officer for days to be defined concerning carrying out vaccination. "If the country doesn't change the relation to such action as vaccination - the only way to prevent a flu epidemic, we will meet the second and third waves with more serious consequences", - the President is convinced.


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