A. Sadykov: "The present governor of the Nikolaev area violates the Constitution of Ukraine"

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In 2005, after Orange revolution, the successful businessman Alexander Sadykov was appointed to a position of the governor of the Nikolaev area. In the run-up to early parliamentary elections in 2007 to it I came to change ex-the governor of the Nikolaev area Alexey Garkusha. After dismissal from a post of the head of the Nikolaev regional state administration A. Sadykov worked in the National Security and Defense Council, then was appointed the adviser Glavy Sekretariata to the President of Ukraine. And here, last week, the present President of Ukraine who quite recently declared that doesn't doubt the victory in fight for presidential post, appointed him the head of the campaign headquarters in the Nikolaev area. "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" decided to take an interest in a position of the politician on the main problem questions which exist in the Nikolaev area.

The first part of interview to A. Sadykov in which conversation goes about party affairs, you can read here.

- That is you want to tell, what political forces can agree and make everything so that V. Yushchenko remained a President for the second term?

- I don't think that someone with someone will agree. I say that those people who aren't Victor Andreevich's supporters, actually in direct talks choosing a boundary as those candidates who are now presented, understand that all - Yushchenko is the best President who could remain for one term.

One of very serious economic and politicians of our country who is not the last person in party of opponents, says that V. Yushchenko is the President who could be a president and for the second term. During the second term from the president it is possible to expect unpopular decisions and unpopular changes. During the second term on a post of the President V. Yushchenko, can "will be born" new politicians and them won't smooth out. Any other president, whether it be Yulia Timoshenko, Victor Yanukovych or someone else, will preserve a situation for two terms. That is, it is situation preservation for 10 years, so, we won't see any cardinal changes.

- Alexander Valeryevich how the deputy of the Nikolaev regional council, you can call problem questions of our region which you tried to solve? Including through the Secretariat of the President.

- Through the Secretariat of the President very many problem issues are resolved. Many people address in our public reception with these or those problems. From someone the child stole and it is necessary to find for him abroad and to return. At someone else any problems. Certainly, many issues are resolved by means of those opportunities which to me are given by work in the Secretariat of the President.

And at regional level of problems at us there is a lot of. The matter is that we, deputies from our Ukraine, participate in work of a regional council and we support the majority of decisions on these or those problems. Many problems which I tried to solve as the head of regional public administration, were submitted for discussion of regional council, but aren't solved still. About it I very much regret!

- And which problems?

- Global problem which isn't not solved at the level of area, the energy saving problem is. We spoke about it three years ago. We said that there has to be a regional program of energy saving - warming of budgetary organizations that would give economy of at least 30%. And it would be possible to bring this economy and to 50%. And it certainly economy of budgetary funds. But the similar program at the level of area wasn't accepted. The regional administration developed on this matter the formal reply, and the depuy corps didn't accept this formal reply which YEAH called the program.

There is a weight more of global problems which aren't solved because of bad quality of cooperation between regional council and regional administration. But this my personal opinion.

- But after all it is possible to remember, as at you as the governor, had not simple relations with regional council.

- I don't remember in my stay by the governor that such quantity of questions which are taken out by administration, weren't solved by a regional council. We practically had no such questions. All that YEAH offered, we discussed, we corrected, we argued with a regional council … Said, what we have not simple relations? Yes, the relations were not simple, but issues were resolved.

- Alexander Valeryevich, you touched upon a subject of work of the present governor.You declared, what you consider its appointment as a mistake, but whether it seems to you, what socially - economic indicators of a development of the region during the crisis period contradict your opinion?

- In - the first, it present so. In - the second, all these places it is rather conditional and as soon as one figure correct in one or other statistics - the area moves on that, or other place. Same method of fight against the official, or method of its encouragement. It on the one hand. And on the other hand, you can tell me at what here socially - an economic development of the region and activity YEAH? How YEAH influences region economy? Actually - any. The administration as I spoke three years ago, is a serving body, service body which provides services who is obliged to create a microclimate for normal functioning of economy. That's all. - "Mashproyekt" or beer factory the regional administration has no impact on Zarya plant work. For "Sandora's" work - doesn't render. Nuclear power plant work - doesn't influence. And it consists of indicators of these basic enterprises also area indicators.

- In total - favorable climate create?

- The climate is created following - I know that many projects which could develop here went to other regions.

- The governor during the telebriefing on which he calls not all …

- It is known history. Moreover, the governor specifically violates the Constitution of Ukraine. At me was some addresses which are brought to the President, that creates a press - service of the governor … When V. Yushchenko's arrival to Nikolaev was assumed, I personally communicated with A. Garkusha by phone and he promised me that all mass media will be allowed, at least on a meeting with A. Shlapak. And as a result, I know that some mass media on this meeting weren't allowed …

- Nevertheless, during the last telebriefing, answering a question of rather Nikolaev airport, the governor hinted that that occurs round the airport, there are interests ex-the managements YEAH. Comment, please, on this statement.

- When I was a governor, the decision to privatize the airport was made. It was the decision of regional council, instead of the regional administration decision. YEAH everything fulfilled, and after change of the management of area Alexey Garkusha could execute the decision of regional council within two months.

There was an accurate schedule that for what has to occur.

But if Alexey Garkusha hints that I have interests, then I too will dare to assume that he at that moment of the interests there didn't find and therefore a swing began. And the solution of a regional council isn't executed.

- When the end can be put to this question?

- I don't deal with an airport problem. It concerns me a little. It concerned me when I worked in YEAH. I set tasks such that the airport was the airport and planes flied. I set the purpose that there were flights, and Nikolaev remained the city where the international airport functions. When I accepted area, the airport was brought practically to bankruptcy. Flights weren't. When I was replaced by A. Garkusha, flights to Turkey, to Moscow, to Kiev flied. Opening of flights to Munich, London and Lisbon was supposed. There were negotiations that the Nikolaev airport had to become basic for the Vizair company. Unfortunately, it didn't occur, and Alexey Garkusha's this all "achievement".

- And what you can tell concerning a situation with creation of commission of inquiry on GP "The Delta — the Pilot"? You were interested in this question?

- It is necessary to possess materials. If People's Deputies have data that at The Delta — the Pilot enterprise there are essential violations, they have to transfer these materials to prosecutor's office and it isn't necessary to create any commissions. Especially as these commissions don't possess almost any rights. The law on these commissions which was later was adopted cancelled by the Constitutional court of Ukraine. Actually such commissions have no rights. Once again I want to note that if the deputy has information on these violation, he is obliged, as the deputy as the citizen to inform on these offenses law enforcement agencies. First of all, prosecutor's office. I am interested in this question so far as. In my opinion, it is fight for the state enterprise and fight for financial streams. Especially as fight goes in one political force. The present management of the enterprise enjoys support of heads of BYuT fraction in the Verkhovna Rada, and some deputies from this fraction initiate commission creation. Therefore it is dismantlings in BYuT fraction.

- And whether you know about a situation with vessel calling to "Nibulon's" mooring? Why the President doesn't react to this conflict, after all it is necessary to notice it?

- You means you don't possess sufficient information.As Alexey Vadatursky already addressed in the Secretariat of the President with the complaint that from - for this conflict the large international contract breaks. It had a meeting with the head of the Secretariat of the President at which I was present. After this meeting, on the same day on this problem it was reported on the President of Ukraine. Victor Yushchenko met A. Vadatursky. I was present and at this meeting, an hour later after this meeting the President signed telegrams in Antimonopoly committee, the Prosecutor General's Office, Mintranssvyaz and Security service of Ukraine with the requirement to bring an order to this question. The president reacted to this problem, but the red tape on this matter, as far as I know, still proceeds.

- And what your position in this situation?

- I too tried to understand this question. On the one hand at us officials can "наплести" many laws which they allegedly can't violate, and on the other hand we know that similar vessels came and to "Nibulon's" mooring wall, and come to mooring walls of the Nikolaev sea trade port. I here see not desire of the management of NMTP to solve this problem.

- The chairman of regional council T. Demchenko very often during mass actions points question OUN - unitary enterprise, thus criticizing the President. Why the governor how the representative of the President in area in any way doesn't react to it? Why there is no reaction from SBU?

- Fortunately, I don't control SBU. In the Secretariat there is a deputy who controls this structure, and all these facts to mister Shovkovskiy are known. On the other hand - the governor doesn't react … You practically answered the question that it as the representative of the president has to react …

I don't consider A. Garkusha as the representative of the president in the Nikolaev area. He is the representative of political force - Litvin's People's party, and in any way the representative of the president. This my personal opinion.

- Say that you are the sponsor of several Nikolaev mass media. In particular Nash Gorod newspaper and site "News of N". It is the truth?

- I such sponsor am not, and you can отмониторить that a site that the newspaper (laughs) … That on a site that in the newspaper interests Sadykova, the political force which I represent aren't visible anywhere … And my personal PR there isn't present.Though, probably, could be present …

- You were related to creation of these information resources?

- Indirectly - yes.

- Still there is a lot of time to elections of the mayor and elections in local councils, but some figures already developed rough pre-election activity. Who will be supported by your political force?

- We yet didn't speak about it and weren't defined. I consider that to speak about it still early.

- Well then, whom you see the most probable applicants for a post of the mayor?

- Serious applicants remains only two are an acting mayor and his rival on last elections S. Isakov.

- Many experts predict that during the next elections in local councils to the forefront there are public organizations, instead of party structures. You agree with similar opinion? Whether you will unite with someone?

- It is necessary to endure at first presidential election, and then, having carried out the support analysis, to make the decision to go independently or to go with someone.

I agree that all political forces didn't justify trust of people. Both big, and small. Social movement is the only opportunity something to change in this country, but only those social movements which weren't designed by politicians to occupy this or that niche and who were born from below, thanks to activity of citizens on upholding of the interests will be able to make it.

When these social movements in Nikolaev, Kherson, Odessa will take the power at the level of local councils then they will have essential impact and on an alignment of forces at future parliamentary elections, probably, then something and will change in this country. If it doesn't occur, we perfectly understand that megaparties which prevail in the Verkhovna Rada never will vote for those changes which are necessary, and the situation will be preserved. Deputies will be also inviolable. Everything will be solved in Kiev. Anybody on local level won't give more power, anybody on local level won't give more resources, despite all declarations of various political forces.

- And last question: say that the house around "Temvod" belongs to you and you near it, instead of a football field you plan to construct a helipad. Whether truth it?

- That still didn't make? I am not going to do any platforms anywhere.

The only property which I own in Nikolaev is an unfinished apartment in the house on Admiralskaya Street. More in Nikolaev I have no property, these are all hearings.

Alexander Valeryevich, many thanks that agreed to answer our questions. Once again we want to wish you and Victor Yushchenko good luck during the forthcoming election campaign.


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