The Ukrainian grain association called Yushenko and Tymoshenko to protect "Nibulon"

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The Ukrainian Grain Association (UGA) extremely sharply condemned "narrow departmental, short-sighted and illegal actions" the Ministries of transport and communication of Ukraine and GP "Nikolaev Sea Trade Port" in connection with blocking of calling of the vessel Preventer to the mooring of the agricultural enterprise "Nibulon" in Nikolaev and failure of the external economic contract for delivery in Iran 60 thousand tons of barley.

OUSE considers that illegal actions of the management of port and the Ministry contain direct signs of anti-competitive actions, intentions to redistribute the market in private interests and new raider attack to JSC JV Nibulon, transfers a press - service of OUSE.

"Such irresponsible policy of government institutions negatively influences activity of agro-industrial complex of Ukraine, worsens an economic condition of agricultural enterprises and branch as a whole that contradicts the state interests, the principles of market economy and, eventually, logic of common sense. It is inadmissible in the conditions of world financial crisis", - it is noted in the statement of OUSE which the association made on Wednesday in connection with blocking of a hozdeyatelnost of JSC JV Nibulon.

As it is noted in the statement, the situation is complicated with that vessel Preventer blocking within a month (since October 12) negatively affects the grain market of Ukraine. The Nibulon company which is the leader on export of grain and oil-bearing crops, can't accept new parties of grain on storage, processing and shipment. Under the threat of execution there were new external economic contracts, in particular, deliveries on the Food programme of the UN to Ethiopia. Failure of these contracts will negatively affect the international image of Ukraine as the reliable world exporter of bread, will lead to serious economic consequences. In the world markets the cost of the Ukrainian grain as contractors will put high risk of non-performance of contracts for delivery will fall.For trust revival to Ukraine it will be necessary to spend a lot of time and laborious work.

Besides, from - for blockings of a hozdeyatelnost of "Nibulon" as most large exporter of grain and oil-bearing crops in Ukraine purchase prices of these types of agricultural products started falling. It will lead to a real loss and losses of agricultural producers, and also local and state budgets.

Thus GP "Nikolaev Sea Trade Port" management systematically misleads the public and the country leaders, appealing to that passing of the vessel Preventer of Bugsko - Dneprovsko - the limansky channel and approach to "Nibulon's" mooring are abnormally dangerous. The management of port ignores departmental documents which testify to possibility of carrying out a vessel and its mooring at "Nibulon's" mooring, long-term sea practice according to which "Nibulon" accepted tens times of a vessel of a similar class, and also that "Nibulon's" mooring was designed for acceptance of heavy cruisers - aircraft carriers. Besides, "Nibulon" officially declared that is ready to take unprecedentedly high measures for safety of calling of a vessel to the mooring, having involved for this purpose additional special equipment.

History of counteraction of Mintranssvyaz and GP "Nikolaev Sea Trade Port" of economic activity of "Nibulon" some years - "Nibulona" can't get on the lawful bases permission to carrying out dredging works at the mooring in any way. It would allow to cut significantly expenses on loading суден, and as a result - to give higher, fair price to landowners on grain and oil-bearing crops. By estimation, the question price for agrarian and industrial complex - additional 4 billion hryvnias. Question block Mintranssvyaz and GP "Nikolaev Sea Trade Port" despite numerous orders of the president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko and the prime minister - the minister Yulia Timoshenko positively to solve this problem. The assessment to such actions of Mintranszvyazi was given at the end of October by Antimonopoly committee of Ukraine, having recognized these actions anti-competitive and having obliged the ministry to eliminate in 20-dnevny time obstacles for carrying out dredging works by "Nibulon".

"Nibulon" - the company with high international authority, is the coeval Nezavisimosti of Ukraine. For all this time it never gave the bases to doubt its lawful and transparent activity.The enterprise with vertically - the integrated structure works according to the scheme "a field - port - sales markets". The general investments of the company into agrarian and industrial complex - nearly 4 billion hryvnias. Thanks to "Nibulon" after a long-term break the new markets are open for export of the Ukrainian agricultural products - Egypt, Israel, the countries of Indochina. Now the company realizes large-scale ннвестпроект worth over 150 million dollars on construction of 8 elevators and river terminals, and also on construction 24 not self-propelled суден the mixed type of swimming "the river - the sea" which is urged to revive navigation by Dnepr and to cut transportation costs when exporting grain and oil-bearing crops.

"Taking in all this attention we call the president of Ukraine, the prime minister - the minister of Ukraine and the Acting Minister of Transport and communication to interfere with this situation, to break system of interdepartmental mutual responsibility and concealment and to allow vessel Preventer pass to "Nibulon's" mooring. Are sincerely convinced that the state interests and common sense will get the best of weakness and irresponsibility of branch officials", - notes in the statement of OUSE.


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