The State Office of Public Prosecutor and KPU informally reproach the deputy - the communist Matveev with "Nibulon's" support

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People's DeputyVladimir Matveevrepeatedly I declared to the press the position in the conflict between the Nibulon company and seaport, siding with the agricultural company. As the Internet - to the edition admitted interview"Nikvesti" the communist, he received reproaches for it from representatives of the State Office of Public Prosecutor and even from the colleagues - members of the same party.

- I came to prosecutor's office on the questions, and to me the deputy General prosecutor speaks: "You too support "Nibulon", - toldVladimir Matveev. - I speak, I carry out the right and a duty of the deputy. If someone addressed to me on any question, I am obliged to react to this question. Me and from fraction ask: "What it you defend "Nibulon's" interests? ". And I once again repeat, I defend interests not "Nibulon", I defend interests of those people which stand behind "Nibulon". That is, the simple agricultural producer who made barley and can't sell it anywhere. And he can't sell anywhere because "Nibulon" stopped purchase of this grain. And it stopped purchase of this grain because it filled a warehouse. And the warehouse at it is filled because he expected to ship this grain and to send on a vessel. And a vessel, excuse, a month costs in port "Southern" and yields only one losses and penalties to Ukraine. Whose interests I had to defend? The seaport explains that the vessel can't pass, because its length more than 170 meters. Though I on the computer here have a photo of an aircraft carrier which removed on that channel on which now can't carry out the vessel "Nibulona". I have photos as removed these aircraft carriers. Question: why 170 meters? And the head of port speaks: "We are ready to deliver a vessel to us on the mooring even if it will occupy two moorings. They limited length of vessels, using the monopoly position not to put a big vessel one which closes two moorings, and to put two small vessels and to work more long to give work as the worker, more.

- They forget that the Nikolaev seaport is simply transshipment knot, - the deputy continues. - They don't create at themselves such stocks of grain in order that at once to ship a big vessel or two vessels were possible. You happen near the port when the vessel there comes, and they start cars driving from all Ukraine? It is impossible to pass down the street Skorokhodov, on 3 Slobodskoy - everything is hammered with grain-carriers. Here against what I fight.


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