Seagull long I ran away from the enraged torgovka down the street Lyagina, but it didn't manage it

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Such, likely, yet wasn't: in the morningOn July 3the person 60 drove down the street Lyagin the mayor Vladimir Chaika. To tell more precisely, at the women who have arranged such oblavny hunting for the mayor, the special purpose to banish him on the downtown with shouts "To a seagull a shame! " wasn't - they only wanted to talk to it.

About what? A month streets daily adjacent to the Central market try to clear of spontaneous trade. By means of dresses of "Golden eagle" and representatives of department of trade of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies.

And today, on July 3, under city hall walls with posters "For you we cattle? ", "We don't disturb the simple people, and than we disturb YOU? " those dealers whom the "cleaning" wave concerned, etc. came. According to women of different age, the majority of them has necessary for trade implementation documents, taxes everything pay, and here permission to portable trade which from them demanded checking during raids, really isn't present.

Many said that they working for 15 years at the market (read: trading on streets adjacent to the Central market), also had never heard of need of permission to portable trade. Women and complained of low social level of their life, and of high cost of cost of one place in the market, and of impossibility normally to eat and support children.

It is necessary to tell that already under the city hall the picketing were driven to despair. And when left trade department representatives of picketers reported that no alternative is present - it is necessary to look for to itself trade places in the markets, emotions started reading off scale.

Different offers where still to go попикетировать whom still to meet (representatives of picketers according to employees of department of trade reported that the mayor in the city isn't present - it in business trip that his deputysoundedAleksandra Zhenzherukhitoo isn't present - and it in business trip), but here from the central entrance of the city hall the mayor went outside.

It isn't known, for what reason it didn't use an office entrance - an exit, but women, having caught sight of the mayor who has directed feet to Lyagin Street, run moved behind it. Not silently, certainly.

The vanguard of persecutors tried to partition off to the mayor the road to stop his movement and to talk, howeverVladimir ChaikaI didn't show intentions to stop and I continued movement. Behind it the representative of law enforcement agencies afterwards ran, and around there was no police squad to rescue the mayor from a round-up.

"Why we chose it as such amicable campaign and shouts if he even doesn't want to talk to us? " reached on Lyagin practically the middle of quarter between Big Sea and Spassky where the mayor tried to slip in the car. To slip - that it slipped, here only the car couldn't leave because the vanguard of picketers blocked journey forward, and the rear guard propped up meanwhile the car behind. Whether it is worth speaking about unsuccessfulness of attempts of one militiaman and happened to the mayor on the road of the deputy of city councilVyacheslav Nikolaevto push aside crowd of furious women from the car?

The mayor was elected of the car, and the first that he told, was: "I yet didn't see such wildness". Having understood that from it want and with what problem women,cameVladimir ChaikaI reported that the meeting on trade questions in the markets was held yesterday, and to heads of the markets was instructed to provide trading places in the markets.

"I on Monday arrive from business trip therefore at 20.00 I wait for your representatives", - the mayor told.

Having received the invitation from the mayor, his car graciously released. Passions at picketers settled not at once. But, having thrown a call "Everything, all to come back to places and to trade! ", women stretched towards the Central market with firm intention to trade on the street up to the Monday - i.e. before reception at the mayor.


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