The Nikolaev deputies "will throw out" million city money for introduction of Russian

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Deputies of the Nikolaev City Council chose the most suitable (crisis) time "to throw out" from 5 to 15 million hryvnias on plates. In the solution of session No. 38/3 which is made today, on November 12, it is a question of "ensuring duplication of official names of public institutions, the enterprises, names of settlements, streets, the rivers, memorable places, etc. in Russian".

In other words, deputies want on each street, on each establishment to put new notices on which the place name will be in two languages written.

According to housing and communal services Department, the cost of one simple notice makes 120 hryvnias, better (with the corresponding covering, the coat of arms) - 350 hryvnias. If to establish notices, being limited to the beginning and the end of every quarter, the estimated cost of works will make:

120 UAH × 43 360 = 5 million 203 thousand 200 UAH

350 UAH × 43 360 = 15 million 176 thousand UAH

That is, in the city there is no problem of disabled people, single mothers, the unemployed, bums, children - orphans, the same stray dogs, on what it would be possible to direct these 5 or 15 million. In the city there is the main problem - plates.

Plates is one of the most insignificant parts of the solution of session. After all and this time deputies "heroically" defended Russian. Russian - on plates, Russian - in schools, Russian - on independent testing of entrants etc. All this becomes as told the vice-the mayorRaisa Vdovichenko, for systematization and Russian development.

Of what it is possible to think before elections in crisis year, when plant of a name of 61 Communards already the bankrupt when the enterprises continue to be closed and, eventually, a standard of living at us below an average, and gas price - above European?

The deputy - vitrenkovetsEvgenia Bondarenkoduring session as always I relieved the tension the literally alien ideas.

- The Cabinet of Ministers and the Verkhovna Rada ignore appeals of the Nikolaev City Council concerning Russian, - she told. - If our decision isn't heard and not executed, on what basis we will carry out the decision of Cabinet of Ministers? I suggest to block all decisions of the Cabinet on early elections! - the deputyshouted in a microphoneBondarenko. - If us don't hear, and we won't hear!

The deputy from "Batkivshchyna"Oleg Mudrakon it I noted:

- Before to give an assessment, it is necessary to study at least the legislation, - he toldEvgeny. - The law on so-called early elections was adopted by the Verkhovna Rada, instead of the Cabinet. At first study legislative base.

That deputies on Russian introduction want to make:

- to accept appeals of people to authorities in Russian;

- on the municipal March channel to enter the block of Russian-speaking news;

- to provide educational institutions methodical, developing and fiction in Russian;

- to provide updating and modernization material, uchebno - methodical, information and didactic base of offices of Russian and literature in educational institutions of the city;

- to provide support and development uchebno - methodical, information and didactic base of offices of Russian in Ukrainian-language educational institutions;

- to provide preschool and general education institutions of the city with Russian-language programs for fundamentals of sciences;

- to organize and move the city Olympic Games on Russian and literature; to provide participation of winners of these Olympic Games in competitions of different levels, including the international;

- to organize the master - classes for teachers of Russian;

- to organize the competition "The Best Teacher of Russian and Literature"; to provide participation of winners in the International competition of teachers of Russian and literature of CIS and Baltic countries;

- to carry out scientifically - practical conference on a problem of teaching of Russian and literature;

- to hold competitions of the student's works devoted to significant dates in the history of the Russian literature;

- to fill up funds of school libraries with works of the Russian authors, audio - and video records in Russian, to provide an advance payment on Russian-language periodicals;

- to promote work of Russian-speaking school theaters;to introduce an exchange of delegations with similar theaters of the cities of the Russian Federation;

- to award winners of student's competitions on Russian and literature grants of the mayor and grants of a name of Dahl;

- to create the Russian cultural center;

- to promote cooperation with the creative intellectuals of Moscow;

- to fill up library stocks of the city with the best editions in Russian;

- to support the edition of books of the Nikolaev authors on the Russian culture, history, philosophy;

- to organize trips to the best libraries of Russia;

- to revive the historical instructions, devoted to figures of the Russian science, literature and culture;

- another.

It is the incomplete list of that are going to introduce in Nikolaev. Instead of teaching children to read and write at least in Ukrainian, not to mention patriotic education, since small years them will bring up as Patriots of Russia - the neighboring state which not always concerns to us on - friendly. Besides, the same enormous money will go to this enormous list of various actions. And the dismissed employees of plants will sit without salary for some months. The main thing after all, especially today, - that Russian was in Nikolaev always and everywhere.


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