The deputy of the City Council Zholobetsky in proud loneliness tried to prevent the mayor of Nikolaev Vladimir Chaika to allocate to the son of 1 Hectare of the earth near a zoo

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On 40-й sessions of city council on November 12 deputy of the City CouncilAlexander Zholobetsky, it is possible to tell, дуэлировал with the mayorVladimir Chaika.

The first question of the deputy was asked concerning allocation to certain JSC MAR-1 for a period of 15 years of the land plot of 10316 sq.m. on Leontovich Square, 7 (near a zoo). Such territory was necessary for JSC MAR-1 for mall service with improvement of the adjacent territory with arrangement of a recreation area and a green zone what the deputyopposedA.Zholobetsky.

According to its information, at first in 2003 the Nikolaev regional association "MAR" was created and registered, and in 2005 JSC MAR was registered already.

For 2006 the Nikolaev regional association "MAR" without registration on the name of documents on the earth in the territory of a zoo constructed trade pavilions.

As the deputy claims, at construction procedure of obtaining allowing documents was broken, the MAR association in a judicial order recognized the property right to the constructed mall, and then and the City Council executive committee the decision issued for NOA "MAR" the property right to uninhabited object to Leontovich Square, 7.

Then the Nenets Autonomous Area was a part of JSC MAR-1 "MAR" and I contributed to an authorized capital of this society of a structure of this mall (at a zooparkovsky wall, on a place of the former "flea" market).

The Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies responds to it and renews on JSC MAR-1 the property right to this mall which area makes 893,5 sq.m.

In February, 2007 the City Council the decision leases for 15 years of JSC MAR-1 the land plot of 3041 sq.m., including only 85 sq.m. under capital structures, for mall service "Cone".

Despite 2956 sq.m. of the "free" earth, JSC MAR-1 addresses in August, 2009 to the mayor with a request to take away the additional land plot of 4000 sq.m. for service of the same mall.

And the City Council again meets requirements of the applicant and at September session grants permission for development of the project of branch of the land plot in 4 thousand sq.m.

But the interesnost consists that JSC MAR-1 made the land allocation project on a site of 10316 sq.m., thus, on yet not taken away site as noticedA.Zholobetsky, there are capital structures of 337 sq.m.

A.ZholobetskyI explained to colleagues - deputies, in what an essence of such special preference to this enterprise.

Foundersboth NOA "MAR", and JSC MAR-1 are the son of the mayorVladislav Chaika, his permanent partnerAlexey Pelipasand matchmaker of the mayorSergej Bergman.

On this informationA.Zholobetskythe sessional hall answered with death silence.Mayor, having come round, I asked:

"What questions are? "

At deputies of questions wasn't!

Having reacted to lack of questions, the chief of a municipal government of land resourcesAlexander MorozI turned to other question of the agenda.

ThenA.ZholobetskyI demanded to raise a question of allocation of the land plot near a zoo on roll-call vote.

MayorI didn't make it.

He only told that there will be elections, and "we together will go there where it is necessary, instead of there where us send".

And on all chargesZholobetskyI told one: "I made everything in order that in the city was quiet".

Also without comments from a depuy corps passed also the second speech of the deputy, but already concerning drugstores.

As the deputy of the City CouncilreportedA.Zholobetsky, in 2002 inNikolaevthere were more than 45 drugstores of OKP "Pharmacy", now them remained a little more than 20.

Reason: with creation in 2002 of the municipal enterprise "Municipal Drugstore" refused extension of term of rent to many drugstores of "Pharmacy".

- "Pharmacy" didn't prolong lease contracts, but also municipal drugstores didn't open.

Why? These all rooms with success were sold to certain businessmen.
Sold a drugstore for "Shipbuilder" where there was a provizorsky center, the big drugstore on Potemkinskaya St. was "cut down" to a minimum, and the part of its rooms was sold under a pizzeria "Dykanka".

The majority of drugstores were sold to JSC Tsentral which founders isVladislav Chaika and Alexey Pelipas.

How many to them it is necessary? - I spokeA.Zholobetsky.

- Today Zholobetsky, I so would tell, in the spirit of. Not I sold drugstores, and not I am today the owner of this or that structure.
Let's hold with you a meeting for two and we will put papers who that has today.
It isn't necessary today, why you? I told: you don't anger God and don't call a wolf from the wood.
It is necessary to you? We faced with you God, you invited me, and now you still accuse me of something? Take, read normally the God's precept and the God's law, - I told on itV. Chaika.

But the mayor gave an assignmentA.Zhenzherukheonce again to see documents of rather disappeared drugstores ("if it is necessary"), but I noticed that the created municipal drugstores simply didn't sustain the competition to other drugstores.

"I will give you the answer with all analytical materials", - toldTo A.Zholobetskymayor.

But the most unclear and unexpected during skirmishA.Zholobetsky and V. Chaikathere was an absolute, death silence of a sessional hall.

None of a depuy corps didn't react to that the deputy spoke.

The steady impression was made that all deputies are well informed that they had to hear, but to interfere with these questions none of representatives of a city community, didn't gather.


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