The president charged to the Nikolaev authorities to take care of places of fighting glory and to carry out representations voyenno - historical reconstruction

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For the purpose of revival and development of national military traditions, relying on centuries-old history of creation of the Ukrainian state, the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko yesterday, on November 12, signed the Decree No. 923/2009 "About some actions for celebration of outstanding events of national military history".

According to this Decree it was entrusted to regional and city public administrations to work a question concerning formation of regional registers of objects and the places connected with outstanding events of national military history, and also to provide their improvement and preservation.

In addition the President charged to provide carrying out thematic поисково - research work and to develop local excursion routes in places of outstanding events of national military history, and also to provide carrying out voyenno - historical reconstruction. However It should be noted that for nikolayevets carrying out reconstruction of historical fights business not the new. Just recently, at the end of the last month, Club of the historian - ethnographic reconstruction "Griffin" together with museum of local lore showed to inhabitants of Nikolaev as there lived people at the time of Kievan Rus', reconstruction of historical fight was carried out also.


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