The seagull will act as "a pigeon of the world" in a question of construction of a supermarket in sanitary green zone GP "Zorya" - "Mashproyekt"

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Again the question of transfer to JSC Oblkoopringtorg-2 rent was submitted for session of city council for construction of a supermarket of 14146 square meters on Oktyabrsky Ave. and Kosmonavtov St. crossing. It is a question of the park territory before the main checkpoint of plant.

The history of this question quite old, also lasts since 2007. The matter is that this branch of the earth means construction not only in a park zone, but also in sanitarno - a protective zone of the enterprise. On all standards of the existing legislation and it is simple by definition, near working plant has to be sanitarno - a protective zone which protects inhabitants of the residential district from noise, the vibrations, harmful emissions. At "Dawns" its area - 1595 square meters, and this sanitary zone appeared just among those 14 thousand the square meters given for a supermarket. Besides, GP "Zorya" - "Mashproyekt" is object of strategic appointment of the Ministry of Defence, and before a checkpoint plan to build the building which is completely blocking access roads. Naturally, both the plant management, and factory workers who in the basic also are inhabitants of this residential district, categorically against construction. This position was stated by the deputy Lyudmila Bulakh who itself is the employee of GP ON "Zorya" - "Mashproyekt".

- I any more don't speak about park and trees, it is a question of a sanitary zone of plant! Dear deputies when you will vote, you remember that you are deputies, you are an elite people. The majority of factory workers were respectful to Party of Regions, and what I have to tell them now? What us don't understand? Be guided by conscience! - I addressed to colleagues the deputy Bulakh. Also Lyudmila Timofeevna reported that GP "Zorya" - "Mashproyekt" filed a lawsuit documents on the matter.

And the Party of Regions in a context is mentioned not only because represents in city council the majority but also because possession "Oblkoopringtorg - 2" attribute it to the deputy, the honourable citizen Anatoly Dyumin. But mister Dyumin rejected all hints:

- I have no relation to it! I am a person modest, I sit, I am silent.But I sold JSC Oblkoopringtorg-2 2 years ago!

Certainly, the honourable citizen dissembles a little: when in 2007 this earth allocated, allocated it just to Dyumin who at that time was the owner of open company. Then he addressed to colleagues - deputies with ardent speeches and requests, the question didn't collect the necessary quantity votes, and the mayor Vladimir Chaika took out and submitted this question for vote. And "having pressed through" permission to a land allocation, Anatoly Grigoryevich resold both firm, and the earth.

Anyway, the decision on the matter was the following: to give an assignment to managements of architecture and land resources to conduct negotiations in the management "Dawns".

- I, in return, will conduct negotiations with the management "Oblkoopringtorg-2" to withdraw these 1595 square meters under a sanitary zone...

Here also leaves, at first "напринимали" decisions, distributed that is possible and it is impossible, and now - "negotiations". And negotiations mean concessions from both parties, and it isn't known that our mayor to the builder for refusal of already allocated piece of the earth will promise.


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