The rector from a gang of pedophiles was covered with church awards, as mother Theresa

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At Vasily Mikhaylov accused of pedophilia and depravity, - there are a lot of church awards. Some of them awarded world famous righteous persons. The paradox but even if it find guilty of corruption juvenile, awards (in particular such with which marked out really great people - for example, mother Theresa and John Paul II) - church won't be able to withdraw.

We will remind, on Thursday the Shevchenkovsky regional court decided to detain for two months Vasily Mikhaylov, the head of the Kiev Academy of a water transport. To it brought charge of corruption juvenile and pornoproduction production. In a court hall the rector started faltering especially when the speech came about his awards. On a request of the judge to list them, Mikhaylov uncertainly began was to call:

-... Dmitry Solunsky's award... the diploma from the Cabinet, - but I couldn't remember other regalia. And after all if to address to the official biography published on the website of Academy of "water-transport workers", awards there it will be gathered on a good medal level. Is among them and church distinctions.

For example, awards: "The Saint Prince Vladimir equal to the apostles", "Saint Dmitry Solunsky of the IV degree", "Saint Nestor Letopists", and also award of "Nikolay Chudotvorts of I". Having glanced in the book "The Ukrainian orthodox church. Awards and titles", published last year, it is possible to learn, for what the church favors these awards:

1. Award of the Saint Prince Vladimir equal to the apostles - for rewarding of the episcopate, clergy and statesmen for a personal contribution to business of revival of spirituality, rise of a role of church to society lives.

2. Saint Dmitry Solunsky's award - church and public figures for a contribution to protection of Christian values and strengthening of the civil world are awarded.

3. Saint Nestor Letopists's award - is given not only to clergy, but also journalists, writers, poets and educators for a powerful contribution in publishing, tserkovno - literary and literary activity.

All above-mentioned awards are handed over by the highest church hierarches and the metropolitan Vladimir. All prominent deputies and even generals of the Ministry of Internal Affairs have such awards almost. And here the award of "Nikolay Chudotvorts" as which gentleman Mikhaylov is registered, favors Fund of the international awards at UNESCO.

This serebryano - a gold sign with diamond impregnations give for patronage and "good enhancement on the earth". The name of the awarded is brought on a stele near Saint Nicholas's temple in Italy. By the way, having received this award Mikhaylov became in one row with other gentlemen of this award: Mother Teresa, Father John Paul II, Helmut Kohl and Boris Patton. To learn that such outstanding was made by Vasily Mikhaylov for church, "The newspaper on - Kiev" addressed to the father Vitaly - the head of prize department at UPTs MT.

- I visually know Vasily Mikhaylov as I serve in Ilyinsky church on the Hem where the Academy of a water transport is located: he sometimes dropped in to the temple, - the archpriest Vitaly Kosowski speaks. - I can't tell so to a descent, for what specifically awarded it church awards - we have many appeals to prize department. On it any priest to which arrival it gave help could give representation to an award.


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