Nikolaev "regionals" complain of that that pay to them for propaganda "for Yanukovych" a little and put unreal "plans"

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Among workers of campaign headquarters of Party of Regions of the southern areas (Nikolaev, Odessa and Kherson) considerable "the discontent wave" rises today. According to available information, it is connected with considerable reduction of positions in comparison with election campaigns of the past years (2004, 2006 and 2007) and reduction of the sizes of salaries. Reports H news


Moreover, workers of staffs learned the size of salaries practically on the eve of its receiving. And, initially higher sums were called as it. When people received "blood", it appeared that the sums are underestimated approximately by 25-50 percent. At present salaries fluctuate within 250-700 dollars (depending on a position), and average makes 350 dollars. "the regionalovskikh of shtabnik" and that the salary was added since October 19 though many worked already from 1 number revolts. Even this money, by data from reliable sources, "regionals" received with a considerable delay.

Revolts "regional regionals" and that the Kiev partrukovodstvo "sets unreal tasks", and cuts down salaries. For example, for the Nikolaev area the task "to give" quantity of presidential election which has voted in the I round of 2010, same as was in the II round of 2004 is set. In view of the events, in particular in the Nikolaev area, the local management tries to compensate to the necessary experts "недовыплаты salaries" at the expense of internal resources.

It is remarkable that besides "salary funds" others were "cut" also. For example, in Nikolayevshchina to "regionals" of the means provided by "Kiev" doesn't suffice neither on concerts, nor on агитлитературу.

The events are very roughly discussed among workers of regional staffs. On one of the most discussed version, money for propaganda isn't present as results of elections already and are so known.Some workers of staffs even start saying about possible "boycott" - a pier, how many pay and we will work.

It should be noted that in interview to the Ukrainian Truth, ex-the regional Taras Chernovol, answering a question of how there was a financing of election campaign of Yanukovych in 2004, I answered:" I had weak relation to financing. I only know that in the third round there was not enough money. You know that all elections, are generally conducted by cash. The first and second round, as far as I know, carried suitcases. Before the third round sat in a staff I, Larin, Tolstoukhov, others - considered. We got financing less than 10% of what was necessary for modest election campaign. Donetsk region financed itself, Lugansk - Nikolaev, Kherson, Kharkov-. We didn't control this finance. Transfers to places became for surcharges to members of the commissions. It, by the way, main article of the budget. Propagandists had no payment. The only thing that paid is centralized are money for all official propaganda. Money was late, and only them received, on the conveyor at once sent to the recipient"

Many of those who in 2004 worked in the Nikolaev area "on Yanukovych", still didn't forget about how they are expressed as them "threw" after the third round.


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