Incapable to affect the solution of a question with the vessel "PREVENTER", the President of Ukraine decided "to sugar the pill" to the Nikolaev cereal-grower "Nibulon"

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Probably, not for nothing director general of the agricultural company"Nibulon" Alexey Vadaturskymore than once I asked for the help the President of UkraineTo Victor Yushchenkowith a request to understand the situation, developed between"Nibulon" and Nikolaev sea trade port.

- To any constructive proposals from our party the port doesn't react, - speaksAlexey Vadatursky. -Vasily Kapatsynasleeps and sees that all vessels were unloaded and loaded only at it, and income was gained only by port; that, using the state monopoly and means, including ours, the port developed. I declared more than once that our activity (channel collecting, tonnage dues and other) yielded revenue "the Delta - the Pilot",NMTPin the sum more than 40 million dollars. Therefore they were obliged to support the channel in proper condition. - I claimedVdadaturskyalso I wrote letters inMinistry of Transport, Premiere, in SBU, Prosecutor's office and addressed to the President …

"Now any operations with large-tonnage vessels on the way to the mooring of JSC Nibulon have to be under strict supervision of the captain of the Nikolaev sea trade port. There dredging works are conducted, and their end is planned only in March, 2010", - answeredMinistry of Transport.

Conflict to a vessel"PREVENTER"it wasn't solved. JSC JV"NIBULON"categorically I disproved the message distributed the day before by the Ministry of transport and communication of Ukraine, that vesselcalling"PREVENTER"to the mooring"NIBULONA"in Nikolaev is unfairly risky and can lead to emergency emergence.There were decisions of the courts, instructions, here only a cart, the vessel is more right, and nowadays costs and waits for grain loading to Iran …

And here also the local People's Deputy, the candidate in mayorsGennady Zadyrko"in time" I found and I published the documents confirming that JSC JV Nibulon, contrary to its assurances, has no agreement on supply of barley to Iran, and the agreement on delivery of these goods is actually concluded on cut price between the father and the son Vadaturskimi where the first is the director general of JSC JV"Nibulon", and the second - represents the enterprise registered in Switzerland "Nibulon S. A. ".

And many parties of the conflict already also are glad that this subject, them warmed up, descended from pages of editions. But here already and the President of Ukraine decided not to leave one of the largest grain companies who so well fills budgets of all levels in trouble, and "The honored worker of agriculture of Ukraine" marked out by Day of workers of agriculture for a powerful personal contribution to development of agro-industrial complex of Ukraine, achievement of high rates in production of agricultural production and long-term honest work an honorary title the deputy general director of the agricultural enterpriseVadatursky Andrey Alekseevich's "NIBULON". That who appears in the above contract and which together with the father accuse of frauds.

Well and "The honored economist of Ukraine" there was Svetlana Aleksandrovna Shulika - the chief accountant of the agricultural enterprise"NIBULON", Nikolaev.

That turns out, not capable to solve the conflictPresidentdecided "to sugar the pill" to the influential cereal-grower? And law enforcement agencies don't hurry to deal on the initiative with "suddenly" emerged and very suspicious contract between the father and the son.

For now, following in the footsteps of the father - the order bearer, the son who actually runs business in the company, becomesfrom givingPresidential secretariat"Honoured worker" …


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