The committee of rescue of ChSZ waits Yulia Timoshenko with big impatience

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The address to the President of Ukraine, the Prime minister - to the minister, the governor of the Nikolaev area, and also to Prosecutor General's and regional Office was prepared and sent by members of the committee of rescue of the Black Sea shipbuilding plant. Activists want to hand over the document personally to Yulia Timoshenko during her forthcoming visit to Nikolaev on Friday, July 4.

In the Address the position of committee of rescue which remains invariable since enterprise privatization is stated. Authors of the message demand that the present management of plant took part in open competition and fought for possession of the enterprise for all requirements of the law.

As the vice-chairman of Committee of rescue of ChSZ Georgy Nesterenko, the present head of ChSZ Ilya Gorn representing interests of the known Russian businessman Novinsky considers, received a position by intrigues and injustice. Evading from participation in open competition, the present administration of plant doesn't wish to assume the obligation to pay enterprise debts which make about 100 million UAH

Komitetchiki demand also full payment of debt on a salary to employees of plant. In the sum it is about 10 million UAH. They insist on repayment of debts and in the Pension fund. Activists also demand not to move from factory hostels of the former workers of ChSZ.

According to Georgy Nesterenko, the Address was signed by 180 employees of the enterprise. In total at plant about 2,5 thousand workers now are registered.


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