The deputy of the Nikolaev City Council V. Merikov asks a question where "garbage trucks" of KP "Nikolayevkommuntrans"

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In edition of "the Nikolaev Messages" some readers who are revolted with a situation with export and garbage utilization addressed. Inhabitants of the private sector are especially dissatisfied.

InNikolaevdozen of enterprises which rigidly compete among themselves in the territory of all four districts of the city is engaged in export of solid household waste. But from complaints of nikolayevets it became clear that their claims are sent to the address of the municipal enterprise"Nikolayevkommuntrans".

According to the addressed inhabitantsNikolaev, the assenizatorskikh of cars in the area they didn't see already long ago therefore the garbage which lies on streets, can't but be evident.

That we know about the municipal enterprise "Nikolayevkommuntrans"?Quite recently, August, 2009, the Antimonopoly committee of Ukraine fined the municipal enterprise "Nikolayevkommuntrans" 5 thousand UAH for unfair competition. The matter is that "Nikolayevkommuntrans" addressed with letters to clients of the competitor of JSC Nikspetsservice, having distributed information that this open company is liquidated.

The director of the enterprise isSergey Klochan, which is at present in holiday.

To comment on a situation with garbage removal in Nikolaev we asked the deputy Nikolaev city for suggestionsVadim Merikov,which met at walls of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies. In spite of the fact thatV. MerikovI hurried, he agreed to answer our questions.

Having heard that interested our correspondent, the deputy of city council at once very rigidly and resolutely answered: "Sergey KlochanI disorganized the municipal enterprise "Nikolayevkommuntrans".

"I am familiar with this situation. I will tell so: at this enterprise there is a lot of problems, but a number of deputies of city council from one of political forces, I wouldn't like to call their surname, try "to defend" the head", - declaredVadim Merikov.

According to the deputy, in 90-x years the city for this enterprise got about 200 cars which were engaged both garbage removal from cesspools, and garbage removal from multi-storey buildings.

Now, by wordsVadim Merikov, the enterprise practically has no cars.

"Only 25 cars are in the last two years written off. You ponder, it isn't sold even not, and written off", - the deputy emphasized.

There are also questions on a city dump which is registered for the enterprise.

"Who is engaged in burial of waste and from where gets profit? And in general, who gets profit? This enterprise turned into a private shop", - the deputy noted.

By wordsV. Merikova, tariffs for garbage removal also are established inexplicably. If in Kiev for export and burial of 1 cubic meter of waste take 27 UAH, in Dnepropetrovsk - 17 UAH, in Nikolaev - only 3,5 UAH

What exit can be from current situation?

According to the deputy, it is necessary to check carefully activity of the municipal enterprise and to bring an order.

"It is necessary to do something that the enterprise worked and made profit in city budget. There is no other way out", - I summed upV. Merikov.


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