Lazarenko hopes in 3 months to return to Ukraine

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The ex-the prime minister - the minister Pavel Lazarenko hopes to return to Ukraine during the next 3-x months after serving 8 - summer punishment in the USA.

"It will return as soon as the situation will allow, but not later than in three months", - the lawyer ex-the prime minister Marín Dolgopol declared to the Kommersant-Ukraina newspaper.

On November 18 the court of the Northern District of State of California (USA) pronounced Lazarenko's final sentence, having condemned him by 97 months of imprisonment behind a lattice. The court reduced the term of its conclusion from 108 months that lawyers regard as a victory.

"Pavel Lazarenko and his defenders consider a judgment positive. It allows to say that mister Lazarenko already served the sentence in the USA", - Dolgopola declared.

She noted that in April the court removed from Lazarenko considerable part of charges and now, after the last judgment, bureau of prisons of the USA in 3 - monthly term has to finish all points of order concerning release of Lazarenko.

At the same time, Boris Filatov - the business partner of Gennady Korban who called Lazarenko the customer of the murder business - the partner Vyacheslav Braginsky, - as "the representative of one of witnesses in the matter of Lazarenko" and with reference to information from Korban's American lawyers declared to the Segodnya newspaper:

"The court didn't reckon to it (Lazarenko) the term which has been carried out under house arrest (more than 2 years), didn't begin to consider a state of health and decided that Lazarenko has to stay in prison of 97 months. 50 of them it already stayed, remained 47 more is 4 and a half a year! ".

"The bureau of prisons of the USA in three-months time has to make the decision on where exactly it will be translated from prison in the town of Dublin", - Filatov claims.

One more Ukrainian lawyer Lazarenko Victor Chevguz in response to it declares: "Nonsenses, Korban never passed the witness in the case of Lazarenko. It is lie".

"The American courts always consider time spent under house arrest - hardly they made an exception for Lazarenko", - the director юрфирмы tells Amber Global Consulting Ivan Lozovoy who was born, studied and worked in the USA.

Pavel Lazarenko declared earlier that after homecoming wants to return to vigorous political activity.

The brother ex-a premiere Ivan Lazarenko told that he while doesn't know about political plans of the relative as that now has no opportunity to communicate.

It is known that Pavel Lazarenko left in the USA in 1999, then and got for a lattice where waited for court of 4 years. Then for half a year I went out of prison on the security then to 2006-го was under house arrest.

The Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko already declared that if Pavel Lazarenko will return to Ukraine, he will be right there arrested.


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