BYuT blocked a tribune and wanted to move away Lavrinovich

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Deputies of BYuT for a while blocked a tribune of the Verkhovna Rada.

It occurred during consideration of a question of the budget.

BYuT and NUNS fractions asked a break on behalf of representatives Andrey Kozhemyakin and Alexander Tretyakov.

At the same time the chairman Alexander Lavrinovich refused to provide a break, having declared that Tretyakov is absent in a hall, and wasn't registered at all on meeting.

After that BYuT rushed to a tribune. On Lavrinovich's protection some regionals were tightened, including Elbrus Tedeev.

Kozhemyakin held negotiations with Lavrinovich. Ruslan Knyazevich approached to them and put the signature on the statement for a break as he also is a representative in NUNS fraction.

But Lavrinovich again didn't provide a break, having only read data that Tretyakova isn't present in a hall.

"In order that people understood it how issues in Rada" are resolved, - told vice-the speaker.

After that BYuT demanded to discharge Lavrinovich of conducting session for 2 days. Nikolay Tomenko put this question to the vote, but he was supported by only 180 deputies -
146 from BYuT and 33 from NUNS.

Deputies consider further the draft budget, BYuT didn't achieve the object.


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