The deputy - the regional "tidied up to the hands" all Nikolaev markets, except one, but also it only a matter of time

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Quite unexpectedly for all Association of the markets of the city of Nikolaev and the Nikolaev area which was recently created, the deputy of the City CouncilheadedAnatoly Dyumin. Anatoly Grigoryevich who besides is the owner of the city market "Ukraine", already managed to become famous in Nikolaev for "feats". Just recently his name flashed on pages of local mass media in connection with the next expansion of its possession, that is, the market along Lenin Avenue from a stop "Komsomol" to business - the Mark — Plaza center.

As it became clear, election to a position of the head of Association became surprise and for A. Dyumin. He reported about it yesterday, on November 20, on air "the 35th channel", report "The Nikolaev messages".

With A. Dyumin it is possible to look at full record of the telecast "Good evening "here.

"For me it too there was a surprise. When I learned for some days that such forum gathers, studied the charter. It interested me, after all this situation exists for a long time in Ukraine. However the Kirovograd, Nikolaev areas and the Crimea in this Association weren't delegated", - the deputy - the regional told. He also reported that today in Nikolaev more than 30 markets, in area - more than 70.

"For me it was twice unexpected when businessmen chose my candidate. Almost unanimously I was elected the head. And I couldn't refuse to people", - A. Dyumin noted.

"Besides I one of pioneers in creation of the private markets in the city therefore I know both positive, and negative sides of this business", - declared the deputy.

A. Dyumin told that the Association already began the work, and for today it included about 90% of owners of the markets of area and the city.

"For today our Association didn't include the Sigma — Sports market, but it not from - that they don't want. Simply time didn't come yet. I think that within a week this issue will be resolved", - Anatoly Dyumin considers.

The association opposes cancellation of market collecting as it is city budget losses, A. Dyumin reported.

"Market collecting is an integral part of replenishment of city budget. We will withdraw these some millions from the budget and who will fill them? The second party - for several years raises a payment for the earth. It too that component which goes to city budget. And at us it turns out - one hand give, and another take away. We speak we don't need it", - Anatoly Dyumin declared.

It reminded that Party of Regions too among opponents of cancellation of market collecting. Why - that it occurs before elections.

"We tell one - don't touch people who work. Already so covered, as a New Year tree, these businessmen, toys. That today already so many taxes pay. One move away, another enter. And who consulted to businessmen? ", - the deputy stated the position.

Also he reported that the meeting of businessmen with the President V. Yushchenko will take place on November 25. Market collecting - one of questions.

"We will defend the position", - A. Dyumin declared.


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