The Nikolaev children on Monday will return to schools and gardens

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In Nikolaev occupations at schools and visit of kindergartens plan to renew on November 23.

The manager of epidemic department of the Nikolaev regional sanepidstantion Olga SYSHCHENKO reported about it.

"In Nikolaev and area of quarantine wasn't, however we in accuracy executed the order of the Cabinet of Ukraine and entered restrictive actions", - O. SYSHCHENKO added.

On Friday, November 20, the epidsituation will be considered even at meeting of regional extremely anti-epidemic commission, however the bases for continuation of restrictive actions in area and the regional center aren't present, O. SYSHCHENKO added.

The excess of an epidemic threshold recorded in the field of November 9, according to her, can be explained with mass addresses of people to physicians from - for arisen a panic. Now incidence of flu and ORZ is in area on so-so - seasonal level. Last week (on November 9-15) incidence was 3% lower than an epidemic threshold.

"In the past, 2008, on 46-й to week 4974 children, and this year - 6405 children, but for the Nikolaev area these figures - a drop in the ocean fell ill", - O. SYSHCHENKO told.

"Since epidemic announcement in the country we had a quiet situation. And it is characteristic for our region. Lifting of catarrhal diseases at us is, as a rule, noted in February - March. Us simply equated to the western areas where epidemic really was. The termination of occupations at schools we achieved nothing", - O. SYSHCHENKO noted.


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